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Homestead Update 5/14/2017

13 May


I have 30 gallons of used motor oil that I drained out of my dirt bikes and ATVs stored in unapproved 2 1/2 gallon jugs. I need to pour them over into a five gallon container and carry the oil to the recycling center. I picked up the yellow bucket out of a farmer’s junk pile then I spotted the black bucket on the shoulder of the road so I stopped and picked it up. But wait a minute, this bucket is not empty, it’s completely full. This bucket is brand new, never been opened. five gallons of free oil for my Kubota. It probably fell off of some farmer’s service trailer as he was driving past. SCORE!


I made some sugar water feeders for my bees out of used plastic jars and scrap wood.


I made a little wooden stand with hardware cloth covering the opening where I put an old plastic jar with tiny holes drilled into the lid. Works perfectly! I transferred 2 of my newly captured swarms into hives this week and I plan on getting more this week. I need to go through my old hives and see how they are doing and possibly harvesting some honey. I have several people wanting some! I’ll keep you updated, until then, keep prepping everyone!


Homestead Update

4 Sep


I was feeling well enough to get out and do some light chores this past week. I started discing an area in the back where I plant the deer browse and turnip green patch. The ground was so hard and dry, the disc was just rolling along on the ground without doing much cutting. I took some scrap wood, made a tray on top of the disc, then placed 4, 80 pound sacks of Quikcrete on top for some additional weight. Now it will sink down and cut much better on each pass.


I made another wire barrel to burn our garbage. The old one lasted for a year so that is much more economical than buying the DR model costing $450.00!


Since I have been keeping bees, I take specific notice of any blooming plants. I bought this plant (Texas Jasmine) from the Master Gardeners sale last May, but I still have not planted it, it still is in the pot. The Master Gardeners have a sale each spring, and this year the sale was from 8:00 until 2:00. I learned from past experience, if you wait until 1:00 to get there, they are practically giving things away so they don’t have to take them home. They had some red wagons to place your purchases in then you could roll them to your vehicle. After 1:00, you could fill a wagon with everything you could get in one, and the total price would be $10.00! I bought 20 pots of different plants, but since I was confined inside due to my illness, they are all still in the pots. I did manage to plant 2 apple trees last week that I bought at Lowe’s.


I took this picture of our fruit trees while I was mowing late one evening. The trees are doing pretty well considering the lack of care I have given them. They are 2 years old now, so I think the root system should be well established. I am going to prune them back and shape them into the proper configuration to produce a maximum yield. And oh yeah, I still think Colin Kaepernick is a disgrace! Keep prepping everyone!


If Colin saw this, a bolt of shame should strike him right between his eyes, like a bolt of lightning from the sky, causing him to drop to his knees and weep in shame. Do you think that would happen? No, he is too much of an egotistical, narcissistic dog turd to feel any empathy for anyone other than himself.

Adult Dyslexia

6 Jun

I was on my tractor a few days ago and noticed I had 412 hours on the meter. I thought I remembered there was some oil changes needed to be performed at 400 hours so I checked my owner’s manual and sure enough at 400 hours I needed to do an engine oil change as well as a hydraulic oil change.


I went to the dealership and bought the necessary filters, $110 dollars worth for 3 oil filters and one fuel filter!


I went to Tractor Supply and bought the oil. I learned my lesson about buying Kubota brand oil when I did the break-in oil change at 20 hours. I wasn’t about to fall for that again, but never-the-less, it was still $140 worth of oil today! I changed the engine oil and filter then started the engine to check for leaks and check the level on the stick. While I was starting the engine I looked down and noticed the hour meter read 214 hours. WTH?! I misread it as 412 instead of 214! The engine oil did need changing at 200 hours, but I have nearly another 200 hours until the other oil changes are due. It has taken 2 1/2 years to get 200 hours even with mowing the entire yard for 2 seasons. Now with the ZTR mower doing most of the mowing chores it will be several years before I hit 400 hours. I will probably encounter a time limit for service before that time. I’m glad I caught that before I changed the hydraulic oil, that saved me quite a bit of money. I must have had a flash of adult dyslexia and my brain read the numbers backward! Whew! Ain’t getting old fun? Keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

31 Jan

I wanted to give you an update on the happenings at our homestead. There really has not been much going on due to the record cold weather we have been having. I know it has been much worse for those of you further North, but it has been cold enough here that I haven’t spent much time outside. Last weekend the weather finally broke and we had above average temps so we cranked up the tractor and did some brush clearing in the front area by the road.


You might remember we have four old, nearly dead trees on either side of the driveway.


There are quite a few limbs falling out of the trees that need to be cleaned up.


I turned those old snags into a couple of buckets full of firewood, and with the cold temps we have been having it really came in handy!


Now I need to clean up these saplings by pulling them up with the tractor. I don’t want to cut them down and leave all those stubs to have to mow over later. I will have to give you an update on that later because I had some trouble with my tractor and had to call the mechanic. The starter is stuck, it won’t disengage! I tapped on it with a hammer to try to unstick it, but it just kept whirring. I finally had to disconnect the battery to get it to stop. Well, the weather is going to take a turn for the worse again next week so I guess it is a good time for the tractor to be out of commission and in the shop. Keep prepping everyone.

Don’t Drive On Jell-O Pudding

4 Jan


Last week sweet Thing decided to drive down the hill behind the barn. Bad idea! The temps have been below freezing every day since we had the 8 inches of rain last week and we were just beginning to thaw out. The ground was so wet her car couldn’t make it back up the hill, it just kept sliding farther down the slope. I didn’t want to leave it there because the weather forecast is for more precipitation to come so I decided it was now or never. The shady areas were still mostly frozen with the top 1/2 inch thawed out, so you had a base of frozen soil with a 1/2 inch covering of Jell-O Pudding on top. No way to get much traction on that. I got my neighbor to help me get her car out and we had a bit of a mess. I hooked a chain to the front and tried to pull it up the hill with my Kubota tractor but I couldn’t get enough traction, all four wheels just kept spinning. I decided to try to go out the back way. I hooked the chain to the receiver on the rear and I told my neighbor to put it in reverse and just give it enough gas to spin the wheels and I would try to pull the rear wheels sideways. It worked well except the vehicle continued to slip further down the hill to come to a stop right next to some trees, briars and bramble.


I took my chainsaw and cut down two 4 inch diameter trees, then took the FEL bucket on the Kubota and cleared a path for the vehicle to continue making the turn at the base of the hill. We finally pulled the vehicle over to where the sun had dried the ground a little better and we managed to pull it back up to the gravel driveway. Oh, my chainsaw started on the third pull, by the way. I couldn’t believe it! Usually when you really need something in a big hurry, it won’t start, but wonder of wonders it did! I’ve been trying to start all of my small engines at least once a month and that really helps. I just make that part of my prepping, if they don’t start, they are not much use. That is unless you are Marcel Ledbetter! You know what I’m talkin’ about don’t cha? Keep prepping everyone.

Flat Tire

5 Aug

I’ve had a leaky tire on my tractor for a week and I finally had time to get it fixed. Flat tires really annoy me! But at least this one was on the front so it was no big deal to fix.




Another good thing about having a front end loader is not having to jack up the tractor to remove the tire, I just used the hydraulics on the loader to lift the tractor!

Brush Grubber

16 Mar

Some of you who follow this blog may remember how grown up the fence lines are on the homestead. We have been slowly working at clearing some of the brush and sapling trees with a Brush Grubber. Here are some before pictures of the fence line.






I cut up the bigger stuff for firewood, and we put the smaller bits through the Chipper Shredder. I also pulled up some of the 2-4 inch diameter trees with a brush grubber.




You can wrap the grubber around a small tree and jerk it out of the ground using a tractor or pick-up truck. It works great! It jerks them up by the roots and doesn’t leave a cut off stub to have to mow over. The description of the brush grubber says you can wrap it around clumps of small brush and vines, but I have to give it a thumbs down on that aspect. Anytime I tried that it just slipped off of the vines and didn’t pull up any of them. But here are some of the pictures of the fence line now.


It’s starting to look a lot cleaner except for that old fallen tree stump.P1010102

I couldn’t cut that stump any smaller because it had old livestock fencing growing into the wood, and I didn’t want to cut into that wire with my chainsaw. But shortly after this picture was taken we wrapped the brush grubber chain around the stump and drug it back to the gully and shoved it off into a washout. So it is out of sight now. I also had a small stump of a tree I had to cut out-of-the-way to get the big tree cut up.


The stump need to be dug up with the backhoe on my tractor. I have used the backhoe for only an hour or so, and I knew I would never be very proficient with it. It has two levers and each lever can move in four directions to perform different motions. That is way to much to think about and keep up with for me, but I thought Nephew would probably be very good at this because it is just like the motions he uses with his game controller for his video games such as “Call Of Duty”. And sure enough, after 5 minutes he was handling the backhoe much better than I ever will be able to. It only took him a few minutes with my supervision to dig up that stump.



So now we have a good start on the clean-up in front and things are looking up.