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Homestead Update

28 Mar

Last week the weather finally warmed up and made it feel like Spring, although tonight we are expecting near record lows in the upper twenties. But while the weather was nice last week I took the opportunity to do a little work around here.


I noticed the field across from our house had a purple haze of color to it from the Henbit blooming!


That reminded me to get my bee hives set up and ready for the arrival of my nucs. You might notice the bottom board of one of the hives is painted purple. Why? Well, that bottom board is a screened varroa mite board and it came to me unpainted. I already had a can of purple spray paint so I thought “why not?”  It will add a little splash of color to my hives.


I was also able to get the 10X30 addition to my workshop framed up and sealed in. I was able to get the cat enclosure set back up so my kitties can come back outside and look around. They had been cooped up inside for 2 weeks and they didn’t like it one bit. I even got the garage door installed. This was my first attempt at a garage door and it worked out well. It took me and my two employees 4 hours to put it in and get it adjusted properly, but now it works perfectly. I think I could put one up in 2 1/2 hours now that I have some idea of how to do it.


Those metal tracks allow the door to roll up and down, and it has many places where you can adjust the spacing of the track and the rollers. Now that I have it adjusted properly, you can literally raise and lower the door with one finger. This additional space will be where I lock up and store my rolling stock, dirt bikes, ATVs, etc. so I will have room to work inside my shop.

Finally I might get around to doing some of the projects I have been putting off. Keep prepping everyone!


Cute Kitten

4 Aug


I was driving through town on my way to work yesterday when I looked ahead in front of me and I saw something in the street. The cars in front of me were passing over something and I first thought it might be a bird, then I realized it was a kitten. So I just stopped in the middle of the street, put my truck in park and got out and picked up the kitten. This tiny kitten was wet from walking through the wet, dewy grass, trembling like a leaf. It probably followed the Mama cat as she crossed the street but fell behind and got scared and just stopped. Who wouldn’t be scared with those giant, loud, smelly cars passing over? I wondered what to do with it and I looked around and noticed another kitten sitting on the edge of a porch at the nearest house. I walked over and placed the kitten on the porch with the other one. All this probably took place in 30 seconds or so. During this time, 5 or 6 cars had backed up behind me. Two cars got impatient and gunned around the line, going way too fast, honking their horns and flipping me the finger. I just smiled and waved on the outside while on the inside flipping them the bird right back. This is the first Sweet Thing has heard of this and she is probably really relieved I didn’t bring the kitten home, and I have to admit it crossed my mind for a second. If I had not seen the other kitten on the porch this one might have been the newest resident of the homestead. It boggled my mind how people can get so upset over having to wait just thirty seconds. Is their time so valuable they can’t give up 30 seconds without becoming enraged enough to start flipping someone off? I guess some people have no patience or compassion for other people or any of God’s innocent creatures. Stop and smell the roses people, life is short!

Kitten Update

4 Sep


I am definitely going to have to stop calling them kittens because we noticed they were “getting mature”, and knew it was time to take these two boys to the vet and be neutered. We read it was better to do it as young as possible before they developed any bad behaviors, i.e. spraying to mark their territory. These are the only two left out of the five we started with, the rest found other homes. They are very pretty cats and we are glad to have them. We are hoping they will live in my workshop when we move to the homestead, maybe by the end of October!

Kitten Update 4

11 Jun

We let the kittens out to play and I got a few pictures.






They were running and jumping and stalking each other and practicing their hunting and survival skills.


Here they are after a busy day. They all have names now, Muffin, Oreo, Sally, and Kensey. We are still looking for homes for them but are prepared to keep them if necessary.


I was finally able to get a decent picture of Jethro. Usually both dogs are always moving around too much to get a good picture, but he was enjoying Sweet Thing petting him so he was staying put! He weighs 48 pounds now so he has almost doubled in weight since I found him.


This is Wilma, weighing in at 36 pounds. She has doubled in weight since I brought them home. One of my employees call them Lucky 1 and Lucky 2. He said their lives sure got better the day I found them. I had them boarded and spayed and neutered last week so that is another big bill I had to pay. Those free puppies sure are expensive!


10 Jun

We were out in the yard today and this snake and one of the kittens were staring at each other eye to eye.



I don’t know what kind he was, but he was not one of the venomous kind we have in the area so I let him live. He slithered off, even climbing upside down on that big Oak tree limb. Watch where you step!

Smarter Than The Average Dog

27 Apr

I thought I might be smarter than the average dog, and maybe I am. This morning when I fed the dogs I hooked their short leashes I made for them and it worked perfectly. They both made 2 lunges when they started eating, then they quickly realized it would do no good so they just settled down and ate their own food.



I know I will have to keep doing this for a while but hopefully someday it will no longer be necessary. And as requested, more kitten pictures.







After they eat, if I don’t pick them up they just climb up my leg like they are climbing a tree. They will climb all the way up to my shoulder and just lay there. Kittens are just too cute for words.

Kitten Update

21 Apr

The kittens are doing just fine and dandy. They took to the bottle like human babies. They each want to be held and get a belly full of milk, then they jump and pounce and play like little jungle tigers. Then it’s naptime! Here are a few pictures.







They should be eating out of a saucer by now but they won’t, because they are spoiled! We have a few people interested in taking some of them, so I think we will find all of them good homes.