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Aerosol Inhalants

12 Jun


While I had the day off, I went to Tractor Supply for some fun shopping and I picked up this can of lubricant to spray the rollers on the garage door. When the clerk rang up the item I had to give a birth date due to Federal Regulations. (I have encountered this before so I was not surprised) I always give a false date by the way, it is really none of their business and they don’t check. I looked at the clerk and said “Whoo Hoo! I’m going to party hearty today!” She just rolled her eyes and laughed out loud. Apparently kids (some as young as elementary school age) take stuff like this and snort it up their nose to get high. Parents, watch your kids and don’t leave them alone and unsupervised. They can get in way more trouble than you and I could have in our younger days, the world is a dangerous place now.



That reminds me of a Kildeer nest I encountered this past week. It was in a field where I was riding through on my ATV, and as I got right beside it the Mother flew off of the nest. When I went back to take a picture of the eggs, she came back to run me away. So here is this little 6 ounce bird willing to go face to face with a fully grown man to protect her eggs. She was standing there, not 3 feet away from me, flapping her wings and screeching as loudly as she could to warn me away! What marvelous maternal instinct God has given to this tiny creature. It is a shame all of our human Mothers don’t have this same instinct. Far too many of them are willing to pass their children off to virtual strangers so the Mother can go out and party and have a good time. Then you see them on the news after something tragic happens bemoaning the fact they just can’t believe it happened. Well, if you had been taking care of your child with half of the courage of this little bird, tragedy would have been avoided. So ends my little rant for today. Keep prepping everyone!


Bird Eggs

30 Apr

As I was checking my fields, I flushed up lots of birds as I was riding through.


I see lots of these nests, these are the Kildeers I posted about previously.


These are Mourning Dove eggs. The parents get up and fly a little ways then give me the old broken wing routine.


I don’t know what this nest holds, I didn’t see the adult fly away. Isn’t the egg a lovely shade of blue? I wonder if that is eggshell blue? It should be in my opinion. And look how nice and comfy and perfectly shaped that nest is. If I was sitting at my workbench with a pile of straw, a bottle of Elmers glue, and a steel ball to use for a mold I don’t think I could make a nest that nice.