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Tuesday Tunes: Jerry Lee Lewis; Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On

28 Mar

I enjoyed Chuck Berry last week I thought I would post another legend of Rock-and-Roll. Jerry Lee Lewis live in 1964 from the DVD Don’t Knock the Rock U.K.  Check out that hair-do! Enjoy!


Tuesday Tunes: Jerry Lee Lewis

8 May

This past weekend was the annual Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis Tennessee. They have more music than you can listen to, and it’s a very eclectic mix I might add. Usually the weather is rainy, but this year the weather cooperated and the weather was perfect. One of the acts this year was Jerry Lee Lewis, and he performs there almost every year. About 10 years ago he was performing there, and at that time he was still in good health. Now, old age and hard living are catching up with him, but 10 years ago he could still put on quite a show. I was home 10 years ago watching a local news report from the festival and they interviewed a young kid, probably around 15 years old. He had just finished watching Jerry perform and the reporter asked him what he thought. This is a quote from that young man, “I don’t know who that old dude is but he’s pretty good!” What Tha? Pretty good? Kid, Jerry Lee was rocking down the house before your Mama was born and all you can say is “he’s pretty good”? Let’s rock out with Jerry Lee Lewis, Great Balls Of Fire!