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Homestead Update 12/24/16

24 Dec


Tonight is Christmas Eve and Santa stopped by the homestead to have dinner with all of his little friends.


Sweet Thing has the table set with her festive holiday décor so Santa can dine with reindeer and bears.


His other friends are Elves, Snowmen, and a Christmas mouse!


Sweet Thing has also been busy making her world famous Chex Mix. She worked three afternoons and made 30 gallons of mix.


Here is some of it all bagged and all ready to go. A lot of people really look forward to her Chex Mix!


Brandi helped her make the Chex Mix so now she is asleep beside me in my recliner because she is all tuckered out! Keep prepping everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Holiday Tune:Frank Sinatra;I’ll Be Home For Christmas

9 Dec

I’ve never given you this version, but it is a classic, enjoy!

Christmas Tune:Jessica Simpson;I’ll Be home for Christmas

23 Dec

Only 2 more days until Christmas, I can almost hear those sleigh bells jingling can’t you? Tonight we have the final (24 different ones) version of this classic song performed by Jessica and a sailor from the USS Harry Truman, Petty Officer John Britt. While we are all atwitter getting ready for Christmas, how about we say a prayer for all the members of our military, especially those serving overseas who will not be home for Christmas this year. Merry Christmas and God bless Our Troops!

Christmas Tune:Sheryl Crow;I’ll Be Home For Christmas

22 Dec

Here is a surprisingly good version from a lady that grew up near here, Ms. Sheryl Crow. Enjoy!

Christmas Tune:Sarah Mclachlan;I’ll Be Home For Christmas

21 Dec

Only 4 more days! Enjoy!

Christmas Tune:Darius Rucker;I’ll Be Home For Christmas

20 Dec

I really like this version from Darius, formerly Hootie of the Blowfish. Enjoy!

Christmas Tune:The Beach Boys;I’ll Be Home for Christmas

19 Dec

I have to admit I have not heard this version before, they sound a lot like the Four freshmen on this one. Enjoy!