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A Bee Question

3 Jul

I have a bee question this evening. We have had two days of cloudy, rainy, stormy weather and my bees are in a bad mood.


I have stopped feeding my bees with sugar water, but I noticed them working my hummingbird feeder today. I thought I might help them out a bit.


I had a planter bottom I bought with the intention of giving my bees plain water. So today I put it out filled with sugar water and they went right to it. I have read not to do this because it encourages robbing behavior but this is 100 yards from my hives so I don’t understand the problem.


I saw a few bees drowned in the first container, so I put out this one with more rocks to keep them out of the water.


I noticed after they filled up with the sugar water, they flew up to the tree leaves right above the feeders for a few minutes before flying away. I wonder what they are doing? Drying their wings, cleaning their feet or just generally getting their act together? Who knows?


While I was standing there watching the bees, the hummingbird was able to get back to the feeder without the bees being in the way. I was standing about 4 feet away from the feeder when I took this picture, that’s really close to a hummingbird! Keep prepping everyone!