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Homestead Update 5/1/2016

1 May


Well, it looks like we are going to be keeping Brandy after all. You look at this picture and say “Ah, Isn’t she a sweety.” No, she is not! She is so bad! I know why she was dumped. She bites and chews on everything, including our fingers. I understand that is partly from being a puppy, and partly from being a Terrier. We are trying to break her of the habit, I hope we make progress soon, I can’t stand to loose much more blood. We are also working on house breaking her and we are probably 80% there. Hopefully we will be 100% very soon.


I had to work on getting my parent’s house ready for them to move in, and we are almost there. This is the dining room after I added the beadboard and trim. I think it looks pretty good.


I was looking at my deer browse area in the back of the property and saw a lot of bees working the blooms. As I was watching that clover I noticed lots of Bumble Bees feeding there.


As I was out working, I saw this field, probably 80 acres, just covered in some sort of Winter crop which was blooming heavily. I sure wished this field was closer to my hives, they could do a lot of foraging there!


I saw a recipe in a newspaper that looked interesting, so Sweet Thing fixed it for me. This is a mix of Jalapenos, red and orange bell peppers, with a clove of garlic all steeped in a mixture of vinegar and sugar. Man that stuff is good! I could eat this every day! Keep prepping everyone!


Game Camera Pictures

18 May


I haven’t posted my trail camera pictures in a while, so here we go. Oh that reminds me, the other day I was getting lunch at a fast food operation. I placed my order and stood back while it was being prepared. The young lady behind the counter put my meal on a tray, shoved it towards me and said “there go your lunch.” I looked at her and asked “where is it going?” She just looked at me with a blank stare, you can’t help some people! HAHA! Up above, you can see the foxes are still around.


Here is a nice Tom turkey.


I’m not sure what this is, it’s too big for a squirrel and the tail is too short. What do you think?


Ah, now I see. It’s a groundhog!


Now Wilma and Jethro are sniffing around all those wonderful new scents!


There are 4 deer in this picture taken just at day break.


And of course, there are those dastardly raccoons! I hear they are quite tasty bar-b-qued or roasted with sweet potatoes. Keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Dogs

6 Mar

The weather was warm and dry for two days last week so I went out and pulled some soil samples.


As I was working in a field that was at least two miles from the nearest house, I saw four dogs coming my way. Uh-Oh! I hope they are friendly, I don’t want to fight a pack of dogs to get back to my truck. Well, no need to worry. They just stopped by to say hello and rest up a bit before they continued on their way. They all had collars and were well fed so they were just out for a Walk-About I guess.


Two of them appeared to be part Great Pyrenees.


From the size of her belly and her swelling teats, I think this girl is going to have some puppies. I wonder if the owners need to give away some of those puppies? Hummmm. Keep prepping everyone.

Dogs In The Snow

5 Mar

I went out to feed the dogs after the snow/sleet storm we had and I encountered a problem. The funnels and chutes I rigged up to feed the dogs from the outside of the pen were filled up solid with ice and I couldn’t get the feed into the pan. I tried to open the gate and go inside the pen but the ice had the gate frozen shut.


I ended up just throwing the food through the fence. At first, they looked at me as if to say “hey, what’s going on here?” They ended up vacuuming up every piece of food eventually so they are well fed. I came back later in the day and dug out the gate with a shovel.


While I had the gate open, I let them out to run in the snow and they had a blast! I hope this is the last freezing precipitation we have this winter, but in case it is not, keep prepping everyone!

P.S. The grader finally came by to clear the road and it pushed a big mound of ice up in the driveway. I used my Kubota to clear it out and we may try to go to town this afternoon, we are going stir crazy after only 4 days!



Then I noticed the ice on top of my barn was trying to slide off in one solid piece, I am afraid to step under it! But at least we are getting a little melting at last.

Game Camera Pictures

18 Aug


I checked my camera today and I had a lot of pictures of the deer and turkeys on the homestead, I even have this one with them both in the same picture.


You can see three poults with the hen in this picture. One morning I went to the back and flushed her up with 8 poults and they scattered in all directions. I stood there quietly and in about 60 seconds she started clucking softly trying to draw them back to her in the weeds. In the background of the picture you can see some tall looking vegetation, that is where I tilled the ground and slung out a bag of mixed bird seed and it sprouted and came up. There is a lot of millet and other seed crops that put on a seed head and the birds are having a feast on it.


One afternoon Sweet Thing looked out the back window and told me to come look. There are two foxes in the backyard just lounging around like they own the place. She asked why they weren’t more afraid of us or the dogs than they were and I explained we have never given them any reason to be afraid of us yet. When we get some chickens and other small livestock that may have to change, but for now I guess they can stay.


The young one sure is pretty, it looks just like a long-legged, gangly teenager doesn’t it?


Speaking of Wilma and Jethro, here they are resting after we took a spin around the homestead. Maybe when it cools down more I can get a picture of them without their tongues hanging out! Be prepared everyone.


12 May



My in-laws have a female dog in a pen in the yard and recently she got out for a day and now SURPRISE! We have 10 puppies, YEAH! But believe it or not, we put a sign up beside the road that said FREE PUPPIES and nine were given away in one week. I haven’t put up pictures of my puppies in a while so here they are.


The two stock ponds on the homestead are filled to the brim with all the rain we have received. When I let the dogs out to go run and exercise the first thing they do now is head for the water. They are a year and four months old now, Jethro weighed 99 pounds at last check and Wilma weighed 67 pounds. They are pretty big puppies now, huh?

Homestead Dogs

7 Mar

I have some pictures of my dogs, Wilma and Jethro, that I wanted to share. I found them abandoned as puppies about a year ago and they have really grown.


Here they are taking a little break from playing,,,


and here they go running and chasing each other like a couple of puppies.


Wilma up close and personal.


Hey, ain’t I cute?


Jethro is tuckered out but Wilma is still ready to roam. Come on, let’s go!