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Books For Homesteaders

29 Jan

I wanted to show you three more of my books. The first one is the People’s Home Library, it is actually three books in one.



It has a Home Medical Book, a Home Recipe Book, and a Home Livestock Book. As you can see, it was published in 1911 so there is probably some old knowledge in this book that people now-a-days have forgotten. I especially like the Medical Book, when Obamacare is fully implemented, and we are having to wait for several months just to get in to see a doctor it might be a good idea to know how to care for ourselves.


It even has some color photographs showing some common disease symptoms, such as this young man suffering with measles.


The table of contents shows a chapter on Herbal medicines and a chapter on home prescriptions for liniments, oils, salves,plasters, ointments, and poultices. This might be some good information to have if times get hard. Home remedies might be the only things available to us in the near future, and most of the older generation who might remember some of these things are so old now they can no longer remember clearly how to use these home remedies.


I also have a copy of Anatomical Studies for Physicians and Surgeons published in 1934. I hope it never gets so bad I have to perform any home surgery, but if I do, I have a good book to learn from.



This book has page after page showing the male and female muscles, organs, and skeletal bones.


This is a new book I bought today from Lowe’s, there is a lot of good information for homesteaders. All of this information is available on the internet, but are you absolutely sure the internet will always be available exactly when you need it? It is always good to have a hardcopy of important information on hand. I am working on getting some e-books and PDF’s with important information and storing them on thumb drives. That way they can be accessed without the internet, you will just need a functioning computer.


This book has information on raising vegetables, fruit, chickens, goats, and beekeeping, and information on canning, smoking and preserving all this bounty. Do you have your hard times library started?