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22 Oct

Sweet Thing is still processing lots of greens on the homestead. She has also pulled a lot of turnip roots to give to other people. She decided she would cook some for us to try. I told her not to waste her time, I don’t like turnip roots and I won’t eat them. I remember reading they serve turnip stew to people in the Russian Gulags because they are cheap and plentiful. (probably because no one else wants to eat them) She cooked up a pot of them and added some Splenda and forced convinced me to try some.


You could have knocked me over with a feather, they were delicious. Next year, we will try to can some of them and see how they turn out. She is also going to slice some up wafer thin and cook them on a cookie sheet like she does with potatoes to make home-made chips. I’ll let you know how they turn out.P1010600

The trees are really taking on their Fall colors now, the peak should be next week. Today we are having 30 MPH winds and expecting rain tonight. That will really take a lot of these leaves off before we get to enjoy them much. Maybe the ones that turn next week will stay around longer. Get out and enjoy the scenery while you have the chance, winter will be here before you know it!