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Pure Evil!

29 Mar


I am holding in my hand pure evil, or at least the Libtards would have you believe so. The object in my hands has never killed anyone, and it will never do so.


Nor will the object it attaches to ever kill anyone. These are just inanimate objects, tools if you will. They are no more likely to go out on their own and shoot someone than a washing machine would do. The real culprits are the deranged sociopaths holding the objects.




These are the killers, not the guns! These people (and I use that term loosely) should have not been out on the streets, they belonged in an institution, either prison or a mental hospital. Let’s put the blame where it really belongs. If these nut jobs were denied access to guns, they would have mowed down a crowd of people with a car, or made a bomb, or used a machete. If a disturbed individual is determined to hurt some one, not being able to get a gun won’t keep him from killing someone, but it might just prevent you from protecting yourself or the ones you love. Be prepared!