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Homestead Update 1/10/16

10 Jan


We had our first snow of the Winter last night. The temperature was 21 and it is forecast to be 19 tonight. That is really the first time we have had any low temps this Winter. We have only had a few nights where it has even been below freezing.



I hooked up the electric heated water bowl in the dog pen in preparation of this cold snap. I also added some cedar shavings in the dog houses so they could snuggle down and keep warm. While I was in the pen, I put some heartworm preventive on their necks. I do this once every month so they are used to it. As soon as I put the leash on them and tell them to sit they drop right down and wait for the treatment. I wish they were that well behaved the rest of the time!


I was organizing some of my junk supplies this week and I opened a box with some of my knives. This is not all I have but that is the majority of them. I think I am fairly well set as far as knives go, don’t you? I attended a gun show in Memphis and I knew it would be packed, but there were so many people there you could not move! I expected it to be busy because anytime you have a Saturday show in a town as large as Memphis it will be well attended. But this was the first show just a few days after Obama went on TV and outlined his executive orders on gun control. I didn’t bother to pay much attention to the guns, I could tell they all had new higher priced tags on them. I managed to pick up some bulk ammo still fairly priced. The main thing I went to the show to get was some 30 round AR magazines. That is going to be one of the first things that get banned so I want to have a good supply while I can. I bought some surplus military mags for $7 each. These same mags would have been $5 last month so I still considered them to be reasonably priced. After the high capacity mags are banned, I think they will go up in value considerably so I consider this an investment for the future. If you have any shortages in your firearms or ammo preps I recommend you take care of it while you still can. In the mean time, keep prepping everyone!


Winter Storm

9 Dec

Well, we managed to survive the winter storm without much damage but it could have been a major headache.


That is not snow on the steps, that is sleet and freezing rain. The roads looked the same for 3 days making driving very hazardous.


The ice started melting today and it made some real “widow maker” icicles hang off of the roofs. Those things are 2 feet long and an inch and a half in diameter. That could give you a real headache if one came down on your head!


It has been so cold I put a heated water bowl in the dogs pen. I bought it last Spring when it was on clearance at Tractor Supply. I got ready to plug it in and turned it over and saw this thin spring wire wrapped around the cord to protect it from being chewed. That gave me a real laugh, they don’t know my dogs, they could chew up a steel plate! They would eat this cord for dessert if they take a mind to. Maybe they will leave it alone long enough to get through the winter. Keep prepping everyone!