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Homestead Update 11/6/16

6 Nov


I took a little trip this week to Heaven on Earth, otherwise known as Baxter County Arkansas. I had the opportunity to trout fish on the White River for two days and just relax and take in the scenery.


I re-tarped my Harbor Freight Portable Garage after the original cover finally deteriorated. The cover lasted three years even though it was not set up on a level as the instructions said. I think if you bought this garage and set it level I think you might get 5 or more years out of it. That’s not bad for something that only costs $169.


I noticed Missouri is voting on whether or not to require IDs for voting. I can’t believe you can vote ANYWHERE without ID, you need photo ID for almost anything. I’ll bet 99.999 percent of the population already has photo ID and if not it is really easy to get one. There is no excuse for not requiring an ID to vote, that is unless you want to make it easier for people to commit voter fraud. Humm, who is dead set against requiring IDs to vote? Democrats, that’s who! Enough said!


I am in the process of reorganizing my work shop so I hung this cabinet on the wall with French cleats. The cabinet came with a dart board which I removed. I think I paid $5 for it at the second hand store.


I put some shelves inside so I can store my safety glasses, pens and pencils, and latex gloves. I even cut a strip of Plexiglas to go across the bottom so I can see my pencils and markers. After I get a little further along I’ll post some pictures so you can see my progress. Until then, keep prepping everyone!

Roadside Treasures

30 Nov


Last week I saw this plastic barrel on the side of the road, down in the ditch. I could tell it probably blew out of a truck or off of a trailer so I stopped and picked it up. It is a really nice barrel with a full, screw off top.


This label said the barrel contained green pitted olives. 55 gallons of olives. WOW!


That would make a lot of martinis wouldn’t it? The label also indicated this was barrel number 40 of 84. Now that would be a LOT of olives! I don’t know what I will use the barrel for since I am not absolutely sure what has been in it, but when I opened it up there was a good layer of cedar shavings so I imagine someone was using this for a portable dog house. I found it the day before gun deer season opened up so I am guessing someone was heading to their deer camp and the barrel blew off of a trailer full of camp supplies. I think I might use it for a compost bin after I make a stand for it.


This is the Harbor Freight portable garage that I use to park my mower and keep some other junk in the dry. I had to move it so the crew could work on my new barn section. I was worried about moving the structure, but one of my employees and I just pulled up the tie down pegs and tipped it over and rolled it down the hill. It stayed together and we just reinserted the tie down pegs and it is just as good as before. I was shocked it didn’t just come all to pieces when we flipped it over. I sure was lucky on that one. The metal frame is still in good shape, but the plastic tarp is starting to fray at the contact points. If I keep using it for dry storage, I will have to get another tarp to put across it, but that wouldn’t be a big problem.


Sweet Thing bought this firewood stand from Big Lots and she put it together herself, I didn’t have to do anything except stack some firewood in it. There is enough wood in the rack for us to have a nice, long, toasty weekend so I am prepared for the next cold snap. Keep prepping everyone!

Harbor Freight Portable Garage

17 Feb


Well, I still have a problem with the roof on my Harbor Freight Portable Garage. Even after putting a support slat across the rafters I still have rainwater pooling up. The single slat just moved the sag up towards the peak of the roof. I am going to add two more slats and see how that works out. I’ll keep you posted on that. Oh, and even where it doesn’t sag, the condensation on the roof material will drip a good bit on the inside so this setup can’t be called completely waterproof. If you store something inside that must be kept completely dry you will have to cover it with some additional material. I’ll keep you posted.

Harbor Freight Portable Garage

18 Jan


The instructions for this unit said to put it up on a good level surface. Well, I don’t have a good level surface where I put my unit up, so I have a slight problem.


When it rains, this section of roof fills up with water and puts a lot of stress on the tarp fabric and the poles.


I have been going inside and pushing up on the tarp to remove the water but I know I am going to have to stop this from happening or the garage will tear or collapse so I engineered a slap-dash fix.


I cut a 1X3 inch board long enough to span across from one roof beam to the next. I cut some foam pipe wrap and used Gorilla Tape to attach them to each end of the board to protect the tarp from the rough edges.



Then I used Gorilla Tape again and affixed the board across the spot where the fabric sags to give it some support. I don’t know for sure if this will be the final solution, when it rains again I will let you know. Keep prepping everyone!