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Roundup Wick Applicator Update

31 Jul


After I had the problem of leakage with my home-made handheld rope wick applicator I went out and bought one ready-made. It looks almost like the one I made myself doesn’t it?


The only two differences are the rope is a tighter weave and it has this rubber seal. I had already been told that if you put straight water in this rig, it will leak because the water is too thin. When you mix in the glyphosate it will be thicker and not leak so much. So I filled this with a 50/50 mix and I had major leakage! Maybe my homemade model wasn’t so bad after all. I called the manufacturer and was told after I used and refilled the unit a few times the rope would get “broken in” and would not leak as much but there could always be a little leakage. I was cautioned to not hold it above the desirable plants. Well, that is hard to do in my sod.


I wiped the grass coming through my sod and as you can see the glyphosate is working. I hope the barnyard grass dies and goes away, that is the plan anyway. More updates to come.