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Homestead Update 1/10/16

10 Jan


We had our first snow of the Winter last night. The temperature was 21 and it is forecast to be 19 tonight. That is really the first time we have had any low temps this Winter. We have only had a few nights where it has even been below freezing.



I hooked up the electric heated water bowl in the dog pen in preparation of this cold snap. I also added some cedar shavings in the dog houses so they could snuggle down and keep warm. While I was in the pen, I put some heartworm preventive on their necks. I do this once every month so they are used to it. As soon as I put the leash on them and tell them to sit they drop right down and wait for the treatment. I wish they were that well behaved the rest of the time!


I was organizing some of my junk supplies this week and I opened a box with some of my knives. This is not all I have but that is the majority of them. I think I am fairly well set as far as knives go, don’t you? I attended a gun show in Memphis and I knew it would be packed, but there were so many people there you could not move! I expected it to be busy because anytime you have a Saturday show in a town as large as Memphis it will be well attended. But this was the first show just a few days after Obama went on TV and outlined his executive orders on gun control. I didn’t bother to pay much attention to the guns, I could tell they all had new higher priced tags on them. I managed to pick up some bulk ammo still fairly priced. The main thing I went to the show to get was some 30 round AR magazines. That is going to be one of the first things that get banned so I want to have a good supply while I can. I bought some surplus military mags for $7 each. These same mags would have been $5 last month so I still considered them to be reasonably priced. After the high capacity mags are banned, I think they will go up in value considerably so I consider this an investment for the future. If you have any shortages in your firearms or ammo preps I recommend you take care of it while you still can. In the mean time, keep prepping everyone!


Gun Show

12 Dec

I attended a local Gun Show a few weeks ago and I was pleased at the selection of guns and ammo available. Although, since the shooting at Bernardino, gun sales skyrocketed again so the selection may be lessened now. I picked up some ammo at a decent price. You could find pretty much anything you wanted except 22LR which is still rare and highly overpriced when available.


I knew the ammo situation must be easing up. I stopped at a backroads spot where people do target shooting, and I was able to pick up a double handful of freshly fired 30-06 brass. People have been picking up their brass for reloading since Obama was elected and this was the first time I have seen any brass on the ground in a long time. I have 6 guns on my wish list and I saw 4 of them at the show. I didn’t buy any of them because I have some safe queens I need to sell or trade to make room before I buy anything new. I did pick up each of those four guns and held them, stroked them, caressed them and whispered to them that someday they would be mine. I’ll just keep wishing till then.


Even though I didn’t buy a gun, I did pick up a nice custom handmade knife. It has an antler handle with a carbon steel blade. You can never have too many knives when the Zombies come. Keep prepping everyone!

Fun Show

6 Apr

I went to a gun show last weekend and there was a substantial crowd on hand. There were lots of guns on display and most of the new guns were fairly priced, about what you might find on-line or at a retail store. The used guns on the other hand, were WAY overpriced in my opinion. I didn’t notice any of those selling, I guess you just have to have a particular itch needing to be scratched to make the deal on the used guns. There was also lots of ammo for sale finally, but still seems to be 20% overpriced for what the prices are on-line. Except the 22LR. A brick is still asking price of $60-85! Not for me, thank you very much, I’ll wait. Pre Obama you could get a brick for $20-25 so If I see some for $35-40 I might get one, but I won’t like it.


I bought 10 of these Colt surplus military magazines for $6 each. How was that price, too much? The springs felt good, maybe with a little oil and some TLC they will be ready to go. I primarily purchased them for possible resale in the future when the gun-grabbers make more progress towards getting them banned. Might be a good item to have on hand for barter. Keep prepping everyone!

Fun Show Weekend

7 Feb

I went to the big city to a Fun Show this past Saturday and as I enter the building I see this sign.


The parking lot for this facility was full I had to make 3 circuits to find a parking place. There had to have been over 1000 people inside the facility, and due to the nature of the show and the people in attendance, I would estimate well over 1/2 of the people inside were permit holders. I heard some people discussing the sign after I got inside and it was not the show promoters who posted the sign. This event was held in a publicly owned building and it is a permanent policy of the management of the building. The people who were open carry had to unload their weapon and run a cable tie through it to render it unfireable just as the people carrying long guns to sell and trade were required to do. I could tell many of the people who were concealed carry were just exactly that; concealed! Quite a contradiction I would say to have a gun show in a facility that prohibits guns. Anyway, I went on inside to have a look around and was pleased with what I saw. There were plenty of guns for sale, and most of the new guns were priced fairly; nothing great but as fair as what you would encounter in a store. And as always, the used guns were terribly overpriced in my estimation. There was one vendor there with a good selection of old lever-action Winchesters priced between $1500-$2500. I have seen him at other shows and I don’t think he ever sells any of his guns, he just likes to lay them on the table and talk to people about them! There was a good bit of ammo for sale but it was all way overpriced, I had to pass on all of that. I see a lot of ammo on sale online, but most of those dealers require an ID on file to purchase but I have been hesitant to do that. I guess I might have to break down and get registered with one of the well-known companies in order to stock up on some bulk ammo while it is available again.


I did score a couple of 8 pound containers of powder from a vendor that had lots of powder and primers for sale. That is the first time I have seen a good supply available and it was priced fairly. Those jugs should last me a good while but I will keep my eyes open in case I run across some to add to my long-term preps.


I also picked up a complete AR-15 upper for a project I am working on. I will tell you more about that when I get finished. Oh and by the way, I keep following the news around the world and I am feeling more and more uneasy about the way things are looking. I haven’t been posting about them because if you are a regular reader I am just preaching to the choir and if you just stumbled across this blog by accident I would probably just be wasting my breath. I might get inspired and post my thoughts on something in the news a little later. Until then, keep prepping everyone.