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Homestead Update

21 Feb


The rainwater runoff from the farm across the road from the homestead drains across the homestead and it has cut a small gully or ditch over the years. I tried to get someone to give me some rocks to fill in the washout to protect it from washing out more, but everyone wanted to pass the buck. I contacted the State Hwy Department and they said they were only responsible for the pavement, past that point it was up to the county. I contacted the county road department and they said that was the State’s problem. I knew at that point it was going to just be MY problem. I put some old concrete and bricks I had collected from around the homestead into the wash and it has helped a lot. The road side shoulder began to wash out where the rainwater flowed across the road and the State finally decided to do something about it. I went out where they were working to put some gravel on the shoulder and talked to the supervisor. He said he would write up a report requesting a larger pipe to be put under the highway and a load of riprap to be placed downstream from the pipe. He said it might take several months before anything got done, but it would eventually happen because the Sheriff’s Dept. had complained about the water running across the highway being a traffic hazard. Maybe that same supervisor will be there when the job is done because he agreed I needed some rocks placed in the washout, and hopefully I can be here when they do the job to remind him! Keep prepping everyone!


30 Jun

This is something I have to look out for besides gullies; sinkholes.


This hole is 3 feet by 5 feet and 3 feet deep. You wouldn’t want to be cruising along through this field on your dirtbike and hit this without knowing it! It could be a really bad day for you. These holes show up near rivers especially when they are as low as they are now. As of this writing, the Mississippi River at Memphis stands at –1.9 feet. That’s right, minus 1.9 feet, and it is expected to stay there for at least the next week. When the river is that low, the water table drops and releases pressure against the soil which allows the soil to drop in places creating these sinkholes. Occasionally you will see one much, much larger but ones this size are fairly common. We just know to watch out for them. So watch out and be safe!