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Roundup Ready Extend Technology

18 Sep


Last week I took a trip to Arkansas to look at some new cotton that will be on the market next year. There was 2500 acres of this cotton being grown in this location, and there is one more location in Arizona growing this cotton for the seed to sell next year. This cotton has not been approved for sale, so we had “minders” following us around as we walked through the field to watch us and make sure we didn’t pick any cotton seeds and put them in our pocket! We actually had to go through a security screening and get government approval before we were allowed to enter the fields. This new variety of cotton is resistant to being sprayed with glyphosate, gluphosinate, and dicamba. No other cotton has ever been tolerant of those three chemicals. This became necessary after the pigweeds became resistant to glyphosate. Without the other chemicals, it would be impossible to grow cotton without a chemical way to control the pigweeds. In the coming year, if you pay any attention to this kind of information, you will see lots of news articles and blog posts with different groups bashing the “Great Satan, Monsanto”! But trust me on this, if we don’t get approval for this new technology, there will be no more cotton grown in the South in the very near future. There is also a new technology coming forward in 2016 that will allow cotton to be sprayed with 2-4D, and you will hear another hue and cry when that occurs!


While we were in the field, we looked over our shoulders and saw a storm front coming so we had to high-tail it out of there! Watch out for those storms everyone!


Roundup Wick Applicator Update

31 Jul


After I had the problem of leakage with my home-made handheld rope wick applicator I went out and bought one ready-made. It looks almost like the one I made myself doesn’t it?


The only two differences are the rope is a tighter weave and it has this rubber seal. I had already been told that if you put straight water in this rig, it will leak because the water is too thin. When you mix in the glyphosate it will be thicker and not leak so much. So I filled this with a 50/50 mix and I had major leakage! Maybe my homemade model wasn’t so bad after all. I called the manufacturer and was told after I used and refilled the unit a few times the rope would get “broken in” and would not leak as much but there could always be a little leakage. I was cautioned to not hold it above the desirable plants. Well, that is hard to do in my sod.


I wiped the grass coming through my sod and as you can see the glyphosate is working. I hope the barnyard grass dies and goes away, that is the plan anyway. More updates to come.