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Homestead Update.

25 Oct


I have been trying to get my local dump truck driver to bring some dirt for a month and today he finally came through. He found a source of dirt from a construction site, and the dirt had some bricks and gravel in it so he gave me a discount. Usually he charges $100 for a load but this was only $75, so I had him bring 6 loads, which was all he could get. I needed the dirt to finish installing my big culvert so I could get to the back of our property. Those six loads will also give me a lot of left over dirt to use in the future on other projects.


I finally had enough dirt to get the culvert buried so I crossed over and began to clear out a path to the back. I had to quit before I finished today, but I got within 50 feet of being to the back fence line.


Oh, the truck driver also brought this load of stuff to me for free. They are constructing a new building on an old parking lot and they are digging up the pavement. This is a mixture of old asphalt and gravel and when the driver said he would bring it for free I said absolutely! I will use the gravel on the trail across the culvert, and pick up the asphalt chunks and lay it on the side slopes to help control erosion.


Prepping wise, I discovered the carburetor on my generator was varnished up and it wouldn’t start. So I took it apart and cleaned it up, especially the needle valve and float. After a good cleaning it fired up and ran like a champ. Success! All this Ebola talk also got me thinking about our food supplies. We have enough canned goods to last 3 months, and we have some Mountain House freeze-dried stores set back for real emergencies. But I wanted to add some more and I discovered Sam’s Club has recently started selling long-term food supplies. I was not familiar with this brand of food so I bought a sample kit to try out and see if it is worth storing.



Sam’s is carrying two different brands of long-term supplies, so I am trying them both.


This is one of the packages in the plastic tub. You can see the best by date is Sept 2034. That’s 20 years! But if it doesn’t taste edible, it doesn’t matter how long it lasts does it? I’ll let you know how it tastes after we get a chance to try them out.


I also bought a bee suit! I am going to a local bee keepers association meeting next week and I am hoping some kind soul will invite me to come look inside his hives. Maybe I can hold a frame in my hand and find some eggs and larvae. I would also like someone to show me the difference in pollen, nectar, water, and uncapped honey. Just in case I get an invitation, I wanted to have my suit ready. Keep prepping everyone!


Preparedness: Part 4

28 Jan

I will continue our discussions on preparedness with a few ideas on electric generators. I have one similar to this;


You need to have a place to store this unit as well as the fuel to run it, so this might not be something everyone can do, especially those of you just starting to get prepared. You can use this generator to run your light, televisions, computers, as well as your refrigerators and freezers. During the last big power outage, I didn’t have my generator yet, but I have one now! Our neighbor had one and he went around to the homes of his friends and family and hooked up the generator to their freezers for an hour a day to keep their foods frozen. He probably saved many hundreds of dollars of food for these people, I hope they were grateful. I noticed these huge generators in Missouri recently.


This was outside of a convenience store next to the interstate where I stop for gas and a Subway sandwich when I am working in the area. I asked the owner about the generators and he said last year when the big storm hit, he was without power for 10 days. He said he could not stand to be out of business that long ever again, so he will be prepared the next time! Be prepared.