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Construction Update 32

25 Oct

The molding is up all around the ceilings, doors and windows, and the painters are caulking the cracks and nail holes and painting it.




He has built a mantle around the fireplace and put a frame around the top where a lot of people would put a flat screen TV. Not me. Wouldn’t that be a good spot for the deer mount I showed you a few days ago?


We are putting adjustable shelves on one side of the pantry.


The other side of the pantry will have a work station with overhead cabinets.


One side of the walk-in master closet will be a double row of clothes hanging rods, and the other wall will be all shelves.


You might remember, the bedroom, closet, and master bath are storm proof. Well, to go along with that we have these storm proof double thick steel doors with triple hinges on one side and triple locks on the other side. So it also makes the bedroom a safe room from intruders. The contractor said if someone tried to beat those doors down with a sledge-hammer, I would have plenty of time to get my shotgun loaded and be ready if they ever broke through. He thought they might just decide it was too much work and go away before they got in! Anyway, the doors now are ugly and utilitarian, so we are gluing some molding on the door before they are painted to give them the look of a raised panel door. Stay tuned for more!