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Ridin’ The Storm Out

23 Apr

The weatherman is predicting a 100% chance of rain tonight (so we probably won’t get any) and that wouldn’t bother me a bit. I bad need to get some sod laid down before I get too busy with this crop year, but the weekly rains we have been having have prevented me from doing so. The little bit of corn that has been planted is pretty sad looking.


This is the best corn I am looking at so you know the rest is pretty weak and sickly looking. Sweet Thing and I finished putting more rocks around the drainage grates because the last rain convinced us we needed more.



When the rain shoots down from the valleys it should hit the rocks and not wash out the soil or the mulch. She put some flowers in the big pots after they put the flowers on clearance sale at Lowes because they were near death from lack of water. But one good soaking and they were back to life.



She put some little garden ornaments out for decoration and if you look on the porch you can see one of my Gargoyles sitting there protecting us from the evil spirits!


That monkey grass is really taking off!


This is our metal Bee we bought at an artists craft fair. Those rocks came from our house in town; there are two things that make me feel bad about having to move. For one we are leaving some good neighbors and two, we are leaving 17 years of landscaping behind. Lots of time and money invested in that. Keep prepping everyone. How about a little tune this evening?



27 Dec

I took these pictures of some of my Gargoyle collection while I was outside yesterday.



This one is starting to get a nice mossy patina.


This one looks like a rather studious fellow does he not? He is actually made of brass and he is getting a nice antique patina also. I don’t know why I like gargoyles, I guess I think they are just strange (like me). My mama once asked me why I like those horrible things. I explained that many of the old medieval buildings had them, and they had a useful function as a rain gutter to keep the rainwater from washing down the side of the building and degrading the mortar. The rain flowed down a channel through the gargoyle and out of the mouth to keep the flow away from the wall.


I told her they were also believed to ward off evil spirits and keep the inhabitants of the building safe from harm. She replied that was just a lot of superstitious mumbo jumbo and she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. When I showed her the pictures of the gargoyles on the Cathedral of Notre Dame she decided “well if the church says it is OK I guess you can have some too”.  HAHA Here are some pictures of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.





I would really like to get an up close look at these Gargoyles someday, but alas, I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with the pictures. Nyah-Nyah When we move to the homestead, my entire collection will move with us and protect us there also.