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Trail Cam Pictures

28 Sep

I looked at my game camera pictures this week and once again proved my neighbor wrong about game not coming to the feeder this time of year.


Even this skunk likes a little corn for dinner.


The crows like corn but I already knew that from watching Saturday morning cartoons.


No wonder I lost all my corn to the coons, there is a whole stinkin’ family of them!


Those young turkeys are starting to get big. Just about right for the roaster aren’t they?

Now I need your help with these next pictures, click on them to enlarge them and give me your opinion. I guess this animal is a tall, lanky house cat. I first thought it might be a small bobcat, but the tail is too long.





What do you say, big house cat? I am going to swap cameras tomorrow, I think the other camera takes better pictures, maybe I will get another chance at him. Keep prepping everyone.


Game Feeder

15 Sep

My neighbor saw me putting up my game feeder and filling it up with corn. He said I was just wasting my time putting out corn this time of year because the wild game had plenty of  grain to eat in the fields. He suggested I wait until November to fill the feeder. Being hard-headed and not prone to listening to unsolicited advice, I filled up the feeder anyway.


This young deer was going to check it out.


The turkeys look to be really enjoying the corn.


Even the fox had to come check it out.


Here are the turkeys strolling through the back yard up towards the house, they just keep getting closer and closer to the back door. Keep prepping everyone.

Deer Feeder

25 Aug


I built this simple PVC deer feeder and placed it in front of my game camera. I think I have about $20 invested in the PVC so if I can lure some of the game animals up closer to the camera I will consider it money well spent.


I constructed it with 4 inch PVC so the opening would be large enough for the deer to get their snouts into the feeder, maybe they won’t waste too much corn that way. Game pictures to follow soon!

Game Camera Pictures

12 Apr

I pulled the discs out of the game cams to see if I had any unusual visitors this week.


This is from the camera that is almost in our back yard area. The deer don’t mind coming right up to the house. I think if I put some feed in this area I can sit in my recliner and see them looking out of the back window.


I had many pictures of the deer grazing in the back food plot.


Here is a glimpse of the Red Fox slipping by on the back yard camera. He doesn’t mind coming right up in the yard either!


When I first previewed my pictures I thought “alright! I finally got some pictures of the turkeys.” Well, no such luck, just some old crows squawking around.


Here is the hawk that has staked out a claim to his territory on our homestead. I really worry that if I had my chickens now he might become a problem. I was worried about him getting our old cat, but the cat seems content to just stay in the house for the time being. He has always been an indoor/outdoor cat but after the move it changed some of his personality for the better. Let’s hope he stays that way.

Game Trail Camera

29 Oct

I am still getting lots of pictures of the does on the homestead, but I’m still not seeing any bucks.


Here is the doe with the two yearlings coming by for their daily feeding.


This is a big ole nasty Possum coming for a meal. I don’t have any use for Possums, I don’t know if I would ever be that hungry.


This squirrel came by for some corn.


Here is Rocky Raccoon standing up and looking around as he comes by for his free meal. I’m still hoping for a Buck, so stay tuned.

Trail Camera Pictures

12 Oct

I put my camera out by my neighbors feeder and got a few good pictures of some does, but I am still not seeing any bucks. My niece said she saw one by the barn last week and my neighbor said he saw a nice buck standing right in the middle of the mustard green patch.


This nice little yearling still has her spots.


You can see the doe standing to the right of the tree. These two pictures were taken around noon.


They are back a few days later, just around midnight.


This must be a different Doe because she has two yearlings with her.


I caught these two dogs sniffing around. I don’t know where they belong, I’ll need to find out.


The deer are back the next day around 7 am.


Then at 10 am it’s the Doe with her two yearlings.


Two days later they are back around noon.


The next day they are back around noon, it’s lunch time I guess. HA!


Then the next morning around 5 am there are 4 deer at the feeder.


Then I saw this coon eating around the feeder. I can’t believe he doesn’t show up every day to get this easy, free meal.


Then this Doe shows up with her little one that is so young she is trying to suckle on mama. More to come.

White Wild Turkey

1 Oct

Recently Sweet Thing and I were driving down the road when we saw a small flock of turkeys cross the road in front of us, and one of the turkeys was white. It is very unusual to see a white turkey so I was happy Sweet Thing saw this one. The picture above is not the actual turkey ( I lifted borrowed the image from someone elses site ) but the one we saw looked just like it. We have wild turkeys on our homestead, last week we saw a spot where they had been scratching and dust bathing. We will put out corn and plant food plots for the wildlife when we move to the homestead, so I expect to enjoy seeing lots of birds and animals.