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Game Camera Pictures And Garden Greens

14 Sep


I finally started getting some pictures of Bucks at my feeder instead of just Does. I think I can identify at least three different Bucks.


This Buck has a smaller rack


This one is different still, he has more curve to his tines.


Here is a doe with two Fawns.


One picture with a Doe and her Fawn, a squirrel and two crows.


This pictures two of the bucks at one time. This time of year they still hang out in bachelor herds, but soon the urge will hit and they will start fighting each other competing for the Does. Sounds like us guys doesn’t it?


This is another Buck with small, close set horns.


The Turkeys are still around.


Sometimes the deer and the Turkeys come out at the same time.


This is a different Buck, he actually has a half-way decent rack.


And of course, I still have those dastardly Raccoons hanging around! I haven’t seen any signs of the Foxes this year, I guess they moved on after we moved in.


I planted 4 different types of greens right before the last rain and I got a good stand of all of them. But if you look at the lower right corner you can see the greens look awfully thin.


And this is why, Armyworms! We are having a plague of Biblical proportions. The worms have been destroying lawns and pastures all over the area. When the grass is gone, they move to the nearest available host such as my greens. I hope they go away soon or there won’t be enough greens for me and the deer to eat. Keep prepping everyone!


Trail Cam Pictures

28 Sep

I looked at my game camera pictures this week and once again proved my neighbor wrong about game not coming to the feeder this time of year.


Even this skunk likes a little corn for dinner.


The crows like corn but I already knew that from watching Saturday morning cartoons.


No wonder I lost all my corn to the coons, there is a whole stinkin’ family of them!


Those young turkeys are starting to get big. Just about right for the roaster aren’t they?

Now I need your help with these next pictures, click on them to enlarge them and give me your opinion. I guess this animal is a tall, lanky house cat. I first thought it might be a small bobcat, but the tail is too long.





What do you say, big house cat? I am going to swap cameras tomorrow, I think the other camera takes better pictures, maybe I will get another chance at him. Keep prepping everyone.

Game Feeder

15 Sep

My neighbor saw me putting up my game feeder and filling it up with corn. He said I was just wasting my time putting out corn this time of year because the wild game had plenty of  grain to eat in the fields. He suggested I wait until November to fill the feeder. Being hard-headed and not prone to listening to unsolicited advice, I filled up the feeder anyway.


This young deer was going to check it out.


The turkeys look to be really enjoying the corn.


Even the fox had to come check it out.


Here are the turkeys strolling through the back yard up towards the house, they just keep getting closer and closer to the back door. Keep prepping everyone.

Deer Feeder

25 Aug


I built this simple PVC deer feeder and placed it in front of my game camera. I think I have about $20 invested in the PVC so if I can lure some of the game animals up closer to the camera I will consider it money well spent.


I constructed it with 4 inch PVC so the opening would be large enough for the deer to get their snouts into the feeder, maybe they won’t waste too much corn that way. Game pictures to follow soon!

Game Camera Pictures

18 Aug


I checked my camera today and I had a lot of pictures of the deer and turkeys on the homestead, I even have this one with them both in the same picture.


You can see three poults with the hen in this picture. One morning I went to the back and flushed her up with 8 poults and they scattered in all directions. I stood there quietly and in about 60 seconds she started clucking softly trying to draw them back to her in the weeds. In the background of the picture you can see some tall looking vegetation, that is where I tilled the ground and slung out a bag of mixed bird seed and it sprouted and came up. There is a lot of millet and other seed crops that put on a seed head and the birds are having a feast on it.


One afternoon Sweet Thing looked out the back window and told me to come look. There are two foxes in the backyard just lounging around like they own the place. She asked why they weren’t more afraid of us or the dogs than they were and I explained we have never given them any reason to be afraid of us yet. When we get some chickens and other small livestock that may have to change, but for now I guess they can stay.


The young one sure is pretty, it looks just like a long-legged, gangly teenager doesn’t it?


Speaking of Wilma and Jethro, here they are resting after we took a spin around the homestead. Maybe when it cools down more I can get a picture of them without their tongues hanging out! Be prepared everyone.

Game Camera Pictures

27 Apr


I finally got a picture of one of the turkeys walking past my game camera. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to have proof that we have wild turkeys in our back yard.


I had more pictures of the deer browsing through the food plot eating the green vegetation.


This is from the camera near our back door. I have seen the foxes enough to know this is the bigger one and I assume it is the male.


This is the smaller one, probably the female. They have started coming out late in the afternoon and I can get a good close up view of them from our back door with my binoculars. Besides these animals, I had the usual possums, squirrels, and rabbits. I haven’t seen any coons but I guess that is a good thing. I have read they are bad about getting into the henhouse and they are clever and hard to control. That will be just one less critter I have to worry about someday.

Game Camera Pictures

12 Apr

I pulled the discs out of the game cams to see if I had any unusual visitors this week.


This is from the camera that is almost in our back yard area. The deer don’t mind coming right up to the house. I think if I put some feed in this area I can sit in my recliner and see them looking out of the back window.


I had many pictures of the deer grazing in the back food plot.


Here is a glimpse of the Red Fox slipping by on the back yard camera. He doesn’t mind coming right up in the yard either!


When I first previewed my pictures I thought “alright! I finally got some pictures of the turkeys.” Well, no such luck, just some old crows squawking around.


Here is the hawk that has staked out a claim to his territory on our homestead. I really worry that if I had my chickens now he might become a problem. I was worried about him getting our old cat, but the cat seems content to just stay in the house for the time being. He has always been an indoor/outdoor cat but after the move it changed some of his personality for the better. Let’s hope he stays that way.