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First Tomato Harvest

29 May

Sweet Thing picked her first tomatoes from the plant I set out.


These are some nice salad tomatoes, but she likes all kinds of tomatoes. I myself do not care for raw tomatoes, but cook up a mess of okra and tomatoes and I’ll go to town on them! Someday I’ll have a nice big garden on the homestead, but until then we will have to be satisfied with buying fresh vegetables from our local Farmers Market. That’s almost as good as homegrown!

Fresh Produce

28 Jun

Some of the area farmers are starting to sell their local produce. I stopped at a roadside stand and bought these tomatoes for Sweet Thing. I really don’t care for raw tomatoes, but she can take them, slice them up, put a little salt and pepper and eat a whole plate full.  YUCK!

Here is something I can’t stand. Cantelope. Sweet Thing loves them, but she has to eat them out on the patio, not in the house. The smell alone is enough to make me gag! I can’t wait until I can have my own garden spot at the homestead. I guess I’ll plant these nasty old melons for her.