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Another Swarm Trap!

28 Jun


This is my box style swarm trap hanging in a tree last Thursday. It must have been hot in that box, they had a small beard of bees on the outside. Sweet Thing and I went over about dark and picked it up yesterday.


I sat the trap on top of their new hive home and let it sit overnight. After church we went out to cut them out and it still must have been hot in that trap, there was a big beard on the outside! There were 6 really nice pieces of comb drawn out and attached to the lid of the trap. The comb had a good bit of uncapped honey stores, but I didn’t see any brood yet. We did a cut out and placed them in the new hive. The bees were so nice and calm, I didn’t even put any smoke on them. After we put the comb in the hive, I shook out as many of the bees into the hive as I could. Then I just set the trap down in front of the hive and it took about 30 minutes for all of the stragglers to make their way into the hive. I really hope this swarm stays!


You probably have trouble seeing it in this picture, but our lawn has a lot of white clover in it in this area. As I was mowing Saturday, I stopped and looked before I went over it and I saw dozens of bees working in the clover. I can’t run over those bees! So I just mowed around all the clover patches. I told Sweet Thing if she wanted the patches mowed she could go out about dark and mow after the bees quit foraging. She just gave me a really strange look, I didn’t quite know how to interpret it. What do you think it might have meant? Keep prepping everyone!


Oh, speaking of prepping, I found this can of fruit cocktail in the pantry and the expiration date was June 2012. I decided to take them for my lunch and give them a try anyway. They tasted just fine! They didn’t have any funny taste or smell, although the color may have been slightly pale. Other than that, the can was just fine. So just because something is a little out of date, don’t automatically discard it without opening it up and checking it out. I have several nice posts in my head to go along with the pictures I take everyday, but somehow I just can’t seem to find the time to type them out. More to come.


Newest Followers

11 Feb

I would like to welcome my newest follower laurien. She has a blog with a lot of ideas concerning food storage so why don’t you drop by and say hello. Thanks for hitting that follow button. Oh, and I almost forgot rlhtl who has a blog about starting a new homestead and becoming more self sufficient much like me, so check them out as well.

Preparedness: Part 1

5 Jan

Ok, today let’s talk about Prepping, or preparedness. I know many of you out there are already prepping and getting more self-sufficient, that is why you are reading blogs such as this one. So in many cases this is old news to you, and I’m just preaching to the choir. But for some of you, this is a new concept, and after doing some reading and research you are going to be overwhelmed with the whole idea. Let me encourage you not to give up because being prepared is very important these days. Any time I pick up a newspaper or watch the news, the hair on the back of my neck stands up straight. There are so many possible scenarios for disaster to strike at any time, it makes me wonder how we have managed to hold it together as long as we have. I think now the potential problems we could encounter are too massive for anyone to be able to control due to the fact that our economy has become a true global economy. The whole world economic system is interdependent, with every major countries own internal economy closely dependent on the rest of the world. This means the whole thing now is a house of cards, which is just being held up with smoke and mirrors, and one collapse in just one area of the world could start a domino effect which would cause the whole thing to collapse. When this happens, the Great Depression the USA went through in the 1930’s will be a picnic compared to what will occur.  I can easily foresee a situation where unemployment is actually at 70%. Oh baloney you say, that can never happen. Let me lay it out this way. Right now, according to government figures, 50% of the population in the US is drawing a government check of some sort and not working. This number is composed of everyone drawing Social Security, SSI Disability, Medicare, Union or other private retirement, as well as unemployment benefits. The published number for unemployment is around 9%, but that does not include the people whose benefits have expired and are not working, but are not counted on the unemployment rolls. When you add those people in to the number the true unemployment number is conservatively estimated to be around 15%. That would make the number of people not working now at 55%. During the great Depression the unemployment rate went up to 25%, (I think the number will be greater this time around, but I’ll just use that number for illustration) so lets say the number will be 25%  instead of 15%, that would now give you a total of 70% of the people in the country not working. How long do you think this country can hold out with 30% of us working and paying taxes to support 70% of the country who are not working? I don’t think the system can hold up under that burden for long. The potential exists for the situation to get real ugly, really fast. So what can we do? Well, let’s get prepared to take care of ourselves the best way we can, and try to become as self-sufficient as we can. When you think of all of the things you might need to do I know it can seem overwhelming at first. You might just say “I can’t do all of the things I need to do so I just won’t do anything.” Just think about it this way.  Imagine a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the person who is blissfully unaware that anything could possibly go wrong, and no matter what happens the government will come along to straighten everything out and life will always be peachy keen. Then up at number 10, you have the hardcore survivalist who has a retreat with an off-grid underground concrete bunker similar to the one pictured above,and has enough food stored to last 3 years. Along with his food he has all the medicines, household goods, tools, and sundries he will ever need. Not to mention he has enough guns and ammo in storage to arm a small army! This man is ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! On a scale of 1 to 10 where are you now, and where can you get to quickly? Right now, I am at a 4 and I hope to get to an 8 on that scale. I am not going all the way up to 10, I can’t wrap my mind around the Zombie Apocalypse, and if things get that bad I probably am too old and out of shape to last long anyway. But I do want to be able to grow more of my own food, including having chickens, and possibly rabbits and goats. This might not be something you are willing to do but you can start small and rise up on the scale and get off of the number 1. I know some people, (including some of my relatives) who have almost no food in their house. They eat out or bring home pre-cooked food every day. If you looked in their pantry you might find 1 can of pickled beets, 1 can of veg-all, and 1 can of kraut, and that would be it! So as a small first step, let’s just get prepared for a 3 day weather emergency. That should be easy enough to do and most people would agree this is a good idea and not some crazy, wacko scheme. In this area of the country our most likely emergency would be an ice storm, in some places it could be an earthquake, in other places a blizzard or hurricanes. In any of these events you could easily be without electricity for 3 days so lets start there. The first thing you should stock up on is water. You need at least 1 gallon of water per person per day. You can get 5 gallon water containers and put them in the garage, or preferably in the house in a pantry or closet. If you have room you can refill milk jugs, and soda and juice containers, which would be free. Then each time you go to the store, pick up a few cans of extra food to put back “just in case”. It could be soup, Spam, Pork and Beans, Vienna sausage, or anything you might like to eat. You don’t have to buy everything all at once, just get a little at a time and it won’t seem so costly or seem so overwhelming. You should also make sure you have a 3 day supply of medicines on hand for anyone on medication. Just make sure you get refills before you run completely out. So now you have a 3 day supply of water, food and medicines. Also be sure to have food and water on hand for all of your pets. This would be a good first step towards getting prepared. I will continue this later with some more ideas.

Hearty Breakfast

9 Aug

Our niece is taking cooking lessons from Sweet Thing. Recently she prepared this breakfast of home-made biscuits, buttermilk gravy (from scratch), and hand patted ground sausage. Looks delicious, doesn’t it? ( I don’t know why she didn’t fix eggs ) I like eggs with my breakfast. As a matter of fact I can just imagine waking up and rolling over and nudging Sweet Thing awake and saying “You know what I would like this morning? I would like 2 fried eggs with some of that ground sausage we mixed and ground ourselves. Then some toast from that home-made bread you baked from the wheat we ground from our food storage. I can then spread some of the home-made jelly we canned from the grapes we grew last summer. Doesn’t that sound good?” Then she would reply “Sure Swamp Dog, anything you want. I’ll get dressed and go out to the hen-house and gather those eggs, then  I’ll fix your breakfast just like you want it. as a matter of fact I’ll bring it in here and serve it to you in bed along with some hot coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice. So why don’t you just roll over and go back to sleep and rest, you deserve it after all the hard work you do around here.” Kissy Kissy. Ahh Yeah. Living the good life on the homestead, I can hardly wait.