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Flu Shot

29 Oct

I went and got a Flue Shot today. OUCH! Now I have to rip this band-aid off my hairy arm. DOUBLE OUCH! We have to stay strong and healthy this winter, we don’t want to be weak and sickly. Usually when one of us has to go to the doctor to get a procedure done, we get to pick some where to eat as a special treat. I picked my favorite italian restaurant with unlimited Pasta and Breadsticks, YUM!. UH-OH, NOPE not going to happen. Sweet Thing says Flu shots don’t count. Besides, I’m now on a diet, eating healthier, trying to get back to my lean, mean, fighting machine self as I was in my younger days.

So instead I had this, a Subway veggie delight on Honey Oat bread. It had Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, olives, jalapenos, spicy mustard and red vinegar. Pretty tasty. You might ask why I don’t get any meat on this sandwich, I’m glad you asked. When you put all these veggies on the sandwich with the spicy mustard, I can’t taste any of that meat anyway. Besides, it is just a bunch of over processed, preservative laden, cholesterol filled, bad for you junk anyway. When we get to live on the homestead, we will have lots of home-grown vegetables to eat!