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Homestead Update 11-15-15

15 Nov



These are my rescue dogs, Wilma and Jethro. I had to go into their pen last week and fix the PVC dog feeders I have sticking through the fence. Jethro has pawed at his enough he finally caused it to come apart after 2 years. I had to make some repairs, but now the feeders are back in working order.


I’ve started putting my Prepper library on the new shelves I installed. Those books are only about 1/4 of what I have accumulated. I think I am going to have to cull back a little bit, but I don’t know where.


For instance, that stack of red books on the shelf is a 17 volume of Popular Mechanics Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia. How can I get rid of something as useful as that? I just need more shelf space!


My neighbor called and said he had a deal on some used metal roofing. A storm damaged the roof of a local commercial building last Spring and the roof was replaced. Since then the roof has leaked numerous times until the company decided the best course of action was to just start over and replace the roof again. Thus, they had a bunch of roofing to sell at a ridiculously low price so I said count me in! I have several building projects rattling around in my head already!


We went to the Flea Market this weekend and I bought this old one-man crosscut saw for $10. I just had to have it to mount on the wall of my Man-cave.


They also had a lot of chickens, ducks, pea-fowl, and rabbits for sale. Sweet Thing said NO! Oh well, maybe someday soon. Until then keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

8 Nov

I haven’t done much around the homestead this week due to my eye healing up. And even though no one bothered to ask, my eye is doing much better now, thank you very much.


Sweet Thing and I went to the big Flea Market two weekends ago; I looked at all the old tools and such. The only thing I saw that was a good enough deal to buy was this draw bar for my tractor at only $15, I couldn’t pass that up.


That Flea Market is the same place I bought this $15 fuel pump last year. I used it a whole year without any problems until last week. I tried to fill my tractor and I pumped, pumped, and pumped on the handle but I couldn’t get it to prime and start pumping no matter what I tried. I thought “Dang, now I am going to have to take the pump apart and try to figure out how to repair it and order a kit to fix it.”


But as luck would have it, I saw this sitting in a front yard by the road with a “for sale” sign in front of it. I checked it out and it looked OK, so I took out my new smart phone (yes, I finally caught up with the rest of the world and got rid of my old reliable flip phone) and went to the Tractor Supply web site to see if I remembered correctly how much this would cost new. The tank would be $499 and the least expensive 12 volt pump would be over $200. After you add the tax, you would be looking at pretty much $800 for this set up. Oh yeah, now I remember why I am using a Flea Market pump and 2 free oil barrels for my fuel, I couldn’t see spending that much even though I wanted one badly. I called the number on the sign and the man came out from inside the house and I prepared to do my best horse trading. I asked him if the tank was rusted inside, he said no and removed the cap and used his pocket flashlight to let me look inside. I asked if it leaked and again he said no, he just took it out of his truck yesterday. I asked if the pump worked and he said yes, the only thing he didn’t like about it was the long cord with alligator clips on the end which caused him to need to raise the hood of his truck and hook them up when he needed to use the pump. He then hooked the pump to my truck battery and you could hear the pump run, although it didn’t pump since the tank was empty. I asked why he was selling it and he said it was just taking up too much room in the bed of his truck so he was going to downsize to a 40 gallon tank and get a new pump wired directly into his electrical system. So now we got to the point where we would cut to the chase. I knew a new one was $800 so I figured he would ask somewhere between $400-500, but I decided I wouldn’t pay a cent over $350. I asked for the price and he said “I need $100 for the tank and $100 for the pump. I am firm on the price but I will sell them separately if you don’t want them both.” I said SOLD! So much for my horse trading skills, huh? Now it is sitting behind my barn, waiting for my new addition to be added to my barn. I finally got the original builder of my barn to come and give me a quote on an addition, (after a month of calling) and I hope construction starts soon. I need more space!


Speaking about Tractor Supply, this is a semi trailer blown over on their parking lot. The last storm front blew through here with 50-60 MPH winds, it was pretty rough going for a while. The weathermen are all calling for the Polar Vortex to return this week, so I have been getting ready.


I put a big stack of firewood on the back porch, and I have a stack in the fireplace primed and ready to go. All I have to do is touch a match to the paper and we will be all warm and toasty!


The weather was nice and warm today so I went across my new culvert and walked through the woods this afternoon. I spotted this huge hornet’s nest in the trees. It was about 2 feet tall, so it would hold a lot of hornets! I found one like it in the front of the homestead last fall, so I will have to be careful as I am wandering around in warm weather. I wouldn’t want to bump into one of these while the hornets were home! More to come tomorrow, keep prepping everyone!

Antique Fly-Rod

15 Feb

I was opening some boxes and unpacking some more of my treasures I have acquired over the years and I wanted to show you this one.


This is an Antique Bamboo Fly-Rod in it’s own travel case. I’m sure the case came with a canvas cover when it was new but it is lost now.



This is a five piece rod and each piece fits down into a slot in the metal cap on the end of the holder. There are not any manufacturers markings on this so I don’t know the maker. Maybe someday I will find a suitable canvas cover for it as I am browsing around in an Antique Mall or Flea Market. Until then I will just display this rod in my office, it will look nice displayed alongside my antique fishing books. More treasures to come!

Prize Winner and New Tools

19 Oct

I was watching the news on TV and the doorbell rang, which is a rare occurrence here at the homestead. I answered the door and it was the UPS truck. Humm, what could this be I am not expecting anything this heavy.


I had gone to a website from a major chemical company a few weeks ago and watched an educational video and answered a few questions on a quiz to enter for a chance to win a prize. And I won! A new Skil brand portable drill. Yeah, that will go along with some of my other new tools.


I stopped at an intersection on a gravel road and something shiny caught my eye. It was this good as new pair of NAPA brand slip joint pliers. Free stuff!


Sweet Thing wanted to go to a flea market last weekend and I found a good deal on these old tools. I bought a bracing bit drill for $5, an old style hacksaw for $3, and an old coping saw for $1. I like having old tools not Made In China! How has your luck been?

Flea Market Treasure

15 Feb

I picked this item up at the Flea Market last weekend.




I thought to myself this old bull will look good in my barn. I can put it near the door and hang up my coat when I come inside to work. It looks like an old antique item, with a nice, aged patina to it. The only problem with that description is the bull is newly manufactured in China! They went to a lot of trouble to give it that old, antique look. That is OK as long as they let you know it is a reproduction when you are buying it. It only cost $5.00 so that was my first tip-off, the second was the Made In China sticker on the back. But if someone had taken the sticker off, rubbed a little dirt on it, I could have been easily fooled. I once bought a cast iron mechanical bank of the style that was manufactured 100 years ago. It was priced at an antique mall for $30.00 so I knew it was not authentic since usually the real banks sold for $300.00 or more. But it looked so authentic I was willing to pay $30.00 to have it myself. I wanted to be sure, so I took it to a man who has been in the antique business for 35 years. He looked it over and at first glance he couldn’t tell. The only way he could be sure was to take it apart and look inside, where he found two screws that had escaped the ageing process. If not for those two screws, the bank could have been passed off for authentic. Unscrupless people in China and Pakistan have become very adept at ageing metal objects to appear to be old, authentic antiques. So buyer beware when dealing with metal antiques, especially from someone you really don’t know.