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Healthy Dinner

18 Jul


I have been trying to eat healthier lately so we have been going to the local Farmer’s Market and buying fresh vegetables. I am having Sweet Corn on the cob, purple hull peas, and new potatoes all from the market. I am also having mustard greens from our freezer that we grew last Fall. The Sweet Corn was scarce in our area this year so the corn was selling for $5 a dozen. OUCH! It is usually $3 a dozen and most people throw in a couple of extra ears but not this year.


One of the vendors at the market had these ugly, old-fashioned heirloom tomatoes. I don’t eat raw tomatoes but Sweet Thing said they were delicious!


Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich

26 Jun


Sweet Thing and I went to the local farmer’s market today and we picked up some green beans, new potatoes and fresh tomatoes. She had a craving for a homemade BLT! She said the tomatoes were just “all right”, not great, so we will try another grower next time. Enjoy!

Prize Winner!

23 Jun

Sweet Thing recently went to our local Farmers Market on opening weekend. A lady asked her to register for a chance to win a basket of foods made in Tennessee, and she won!


The goods inside were worth $150, and the basket itself had a price tag of $20. So, I am going to list everything and tell the city in Tennessee where it was made.


Pringles Chips, Jackson

Fritos Chips, Nashville

Willa’s Spicy Cheese Bites, Madison


M&Ms, Cleveland

Colt’s Chocolate with Smoked Jalapeno Almonds, Nashville

Southern Artisan Chocolate, Nashville

Moon Pies, Chattanooga

Goo Goo Clusters, Nashville


Sweetwater Valley Farms Tomato and Herb Cheese, Philadelphia

Pure Honey, Goodletsville

Nana Rosa Biscuit Cake, Hendersonville

Muddy Pond Sorghum, Monterey

Gunn’s Gourmet Beef Jerky Springfield

Snappy Pepper Jelly, Lebanon


Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes, Collegedale

Martha White Cornbread Mix, Memphis

Shelton Farms Whole Wheat Flour, New Market


Nonna’s Marinara Sauce, Nashville

Sun Drop Cola, Pulaski

Premium Spring Water, Pall Mall

Hazel’s Buttermilk Dill Dressing, Knoxville

Johnny Freeman’s Honey Mustard Dressing, Lawrenceburg

Bush’s Grilling Beans, Knoxville

So there you have it, quite a haul. SCORE!

First Tomato Harvest

29 May

Sweet Thing picked her first tomatoes from the plant I set out.


These are some nice salad tomatoes, but she likes all kinds of tomatoes. I myself do not care for raw tomatoes, but cook up a mess of okra and tomatoes and I’ll go to town on them! Someday I’ll have a nice big garden on the homestead, but until then we will have to be satisfied with buying fresh vegetables from our local Farmers Market. That’s almost as good as homegrown!