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More Useful Books

30 Jan

I hope I’m not boring you with my old books, I got excited about them as I rediscovered them as we were moving.


This is a copy of the Etiquette book by Emily Post. If you learn everything in this book you won’t have to suffer through any of those “awkward” social situations, you will always know how to conduct yourself in a proper manner. This book was published in 1940, and I think it has been revised for more modern situations, but if you comport yourself as described in this book I don’t think you can go wrong.


This is a two-volume set of The Child Welfare Manual published in 1915. It contains everything you need to know to properly raise a child both physically and psychologically. Many people would think some of the ideas in this book are old and outdated, but if children were reared more like this book describes our children would be much better off today.


And finally, this book is about how to build your dream home for less than $3500, published in 1950. Obviously this number needs to be updated! But it is primarily an instruction manual of techniques for actually building a home, and that has not changed that much for the most part. There are some techniques and materials that are outdated such as lath and plaster and cast iron plumbing pipes, but if you find yourself working on a very old structure, you might need some guidance on working with these materials. I also found a newspaper page folded and inserted in this book.


This ad was in the St. Petersburg Florida newspaper 1976. The ad was advertising two bedroom condos for sale on Clearwater Beach for $44,700! WOW! What a deal, I could buy one of those with just a little juggling of my budget. Oh wait, I just looked and the median income in 1976 was $12,000 annually, so that would make it a little tougher.  If you had purchased a condo in Florida in 1976, who knows what it would have been worth 30 years later in 2006. Still, it would be nice to be able to predict the future wouldn’t it?