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Ridin’ The Storm Out

23 Apr

The weatherman is predicting a 100% chance of rain tonight (so we probably won’t get any) and that wouldn’t bother me a bit. I bad need to get some sod laid down before I get too busy with this crop year, but the weekly rains we have been having have prevented me from doing so. The little bit of corn that has been planted is pretty sad looking.


This is the best corn I am looking at so you know the rest is pretty weak and sickly looking. Sweet Thing and I finished putting more rocks around the drainage grates because the last rain convinced us we needed more.



When the rain shoots down from the valleys it should hit the rocks and not wash out the soil or the mulch. She put some flowers in the big pots after they put the flowers on clearance sale at Lowes because they were near death from lack of water. But one good soaking and they were back to life.



She put some little garden ornaments out for decoration and if you look on the porch you can see one of my Gargoyles sitting there protecting us from the evil spirits!


That monkey grass is really taking off!


This is our metal Bee we bought at an artists craft fair. Those rocks came from our house in town; there are two things that make me feel bad about having to move. For one we are leaving some good neighbors and two, we are leaving 17 years of landscaping behind. Lots of time and money invested in that. Keep prepping everyone. How about a little tune this evening?


Clean-Up Projects

21 Apr

I know my postings have dropped off, but between working at my job and cleaning up around the homestead there hasn’t been much going on. I thought I would post about the bombing in Boston, but I just have no idea what those idiots were thinking. It is so out of the realm of reason to try to understand their thought process that it just leaves me speechless. I will try to put together some thoughts on the next rainy day.


This week we bush hogged around the yard again, and I pulled up some small trees and brush to clear out the view a little more.


This 4 inch pine was pretty tough to pull, just look at those roots. They look like roots on a wisdom tooth! And they held on just as tight!


We cleaned out the area in front of the house by the drains. I made a wire ring to go around the drain to catch debris before it flowed into the drain, then we placed rocks in the area where the rain falls from the valleys of the roof. We planted the monkey grass we got from the neighbors along the sidewalk and filled in the rest with mulch to keep the grass and weeds out. We are going to place some big flower pots and lawn ornaments in the area and we will see how that looks next week. In the meantime keep prepping everyone!

Drainage Basin Problems

7 Feb

Some of you may remember I have 2 drainage basins installed in the ground right in front of the front porch where the water runs off of the roof in huge gushes when it rains. Well, one of the basins floated up out of the ground similar to what an empty fuel tank will do before it is settled in. The weather man is forecasting a 100% chance of rain tonight, so it probably won’t rain a drop. But just in case it does, I wanted to reset the basin into the ground so the water would drain away from the house.


I pulled back the landscape plastic sheet and raised up the basin so I could remove the soil that had washed back into the hole. Only now it was just a big ball of muck in the bottom of the hole.


I got the hole cleaned out and the basin settled back into the hole. I put some excess concrete slag into the basin for weight to help hold it down.


As I prepared to backfill the soil around the basin, I realized all I had was a big pile of muck. What a mess!


I used a 2X4 to tramp the mud around the basin, now it is sitting just below the level of the ground as it should be. Now as the rainwater drains down into the lower level of the basin, it will enter the basin and run down the underground drain pipes to the bottom of the hill and get away from the house.


Just to help hold it down until it settles properly, I placed a concrete block and a bucket of gravel on top of the basin. Not very attractive I must say. I have some large, round stones at our old house we used to outline a flower bed and I will go get them and place them on top of the basin and they will blend in as part of the landscaping. I’m looking forward to Spring so I can get some outdoor projects done!

Drainage Problem Solved

28 Nov

I have never liked gutters on a house because of the problems with the rot they cause from being stopped up and overflowing or just otherwise leaking. But this house has a steep roof and all the water on the front side drains off at these two points on each side of the porch.


That is a lot of water concentrated into a small area so I needed to do something about the runoff to move it away from the house.


I bought two of these drain catchers to bury in the ground to catch the runoff from the roof. This is a 2 foot heavy-duty plastic box with knockouts to attach drain pipes.


We placed one on each side of the porch and attached flexible pipe to drain the water down the hill.



After the pipe was attached, we put plastic groundcover down to help control erosion. We are going to put rocks around the grate and some sort of large bark mulch over the plastic.


As for now, the pipes are running down the hill into a ditch. In the future I could place a large tank at the base of the hill and run the pipes into the tank for a secondary source of  (free) water. Hummm, just thinking.