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Dog Pen Construction Complete

4 Feb


I finally got the dog pen complete and moved my dogs to our new homestead. They seem really happy to be where they can see us. Our neighbor at our old house was really sad to see them go, she said she needed visitation rights to come see them! After putting up the chain link sections they now have a pen that is 60X40 feet, that gives them plenty of room to run and chase each other. Following are some pictures of Jethro, he has grown to be a big boy, he must weigh 100 pounds by my estimation.






There are several trees inside the pen and being male he had to pee on all of them to mark his territory.


Wilma seems to be topped out about 65-70 pounds. She is still pretty big but she doesn’t look like it standing next to Jethro.


They both like getting under the house as much as getting in it, that’s why I built it 30 inches off of the ground. She is chewing on a piece of 2X4 I left in the pen, I guess she thinks it is a good chew toy!


I didn’t want to waste yesterday watching the pre-pre-pre game Super Bowl show, so I worked on the pen. When I started putting up the welded wire fence, I quickly realized I had 120 feet of posts and 100 feet of wire. That wasn’t going to come out even, so I went and bought another 100 foot roll, so I will have some extra for my next project. It’s always good to have supplies already on hand, just-in-case.


Dog House Construction

31 Jan

The weather finally gave me a little chance to get out and work on the dog house one afternoon, and it is almost finished.


I have the three side walls attached and the roof is on. I still need to put some nails in the very center of the roof where I couldn’t reach from my ladder. I was afraid the panels might crack if I climbed on them to nail the center section. I am going to use a 4X4 sheet of plywood laid on top to distribute my weight and then I can reach the center section. We had 40 MPH winds yesterday and I was worried the panels might come off but everything is still secure.



I used these corrugated cellulose fiber/asphalt panels purchased from Lowe’s. The best way I can describe them is tar paper/roofing felt pressed into a fiberglass mat. The panels smell just like roofing felt and you can see the fiber mesh embedded in the panel. The instructions for cutting the panels said to use a skill saw with a carbide blade mounted backwards. Just a tip for you, you can use any blade it doesn’t have to be carbide tipped, and definitely don’t use a new blade. I did and the tar sticking to the blade almost ruined it. I sprayed it down with W-D 40 and scrubbed and scrubbed to clean it off. If I use these panels again I will cut them with an old blade. They are light weight and easy to cut and seem to be fairly sturdy. How they will hold up in the future is yet to be seen, I’ll let you know in a couple of years.

Dog Pen Construction

10 Jan

I wanted to give you an update on my dog pen construction. I didn’t get finished and the weatherman is predicting rain for 6 of the next 7 days so I won’t get much more finished. I wish I could have finished it, but we need the rain also, so I guess it will work out in the end.


I got the wooden posts set for the corners and drove the t-posts, but I did not get the horse fencing put up. The area I am using the horse fencing for is 40 feet by 40 feet. I have an additional 20 feet by 40 feet of chain link fencing I am using for their current fence. I will attach the chain link fence when we make the move. That will make their pen be 60 feet by 40 feet. That will give them 2400 square feet for the time being.


I am making a 8 foot by 8 foot structure for their dog house. I sunk 4 corner posts and framed up the floor.


I am using 3/4 inch treated plywood for the floor I expect it to last for many years.


Then I framed around 3 sides, the fourth side will be left open for the time being.


I used 4X8 sheets of grooved plywood ( barn siding ) for the sides. I was working by myself, so I needed to hold up the wood while I nailed them up. I put up a temporary 2X4 brace on the bottom edge to set the panels on and hold them while I nailed them up. When I was finished I removed the extra 2X4s, sometimes you have to use your head!


This is as far as I got, I ran out of time before I even got the third side up. The fourth side that will remain open is facing our house, so the dogs can sit under the roof and look outside. After I get it finished, I am going to put their two plastic dog houses inside for them to sleep in when it is cold. I might seal up part of the structure for a sleeping area, but I will put that project on hold for the time being. More to come.