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Homestead Update 5/28/2017

28 May


I looked out our back door last week and watched a red fox stroll across the yard. The family of Foxes have been around so long my dogs in the pen don’t even bother barking at them anymore unless they come really close to the pen. But if I want to see a Red Fox up close and personal, I can just go visit my niece who recently BOUGHT a Fox Kit to raise in the house. Are you kidding me!? She has another small house dog and I told her when that Fox is grown, he will probably kill that small dog one day. Some people, Huh?


I have been in the fields working all week and I came upon this large tortoise easing across the field.


I also encountered this 4 foot long Speckled King Snake. I let him live and go on his way; he is a good snake!


I was sitting in my truck one morning, waiting for my employees to come in for work, when I looked up and saw three deer wandering around in our front yard. I am really lucky to be able to go out to work and encounter so much wildlife.


I found this patch of Dewberries on the edge of one of the fields I check. When we were children, we would pick these berries, put them in a bowl with sugar and cream and have a real treat. We would put so much sugar on them, when we ate a spoonful it would crunch because we used so much sugar! These berries in my hand were so sweet you didn’t need to put any sugar on them. And speaking of sugar, I have been mixing sugar water to feed to my honey bees. I have captured and transferred 7 bee swarms this Spring and I have two more traps with bees waiting for me to bring them in. I hope to do that this week. I’ll keep you updated. Until then, keep prepping everyone!


Wild Berries

2 May

I noticed these berries growing on the edge of a field today, so I picked some and gave them a try.


When I was growing up we called these berries Dew Berries. We would wade into the weeds on the road sides and ditch banks to pick a batch to take home. We always got covered in chiggers and ticks, but we didn’t seem to mind. These berries tasted just like I remembered them from my childhood. They are plump and juicy and not sweet. We would put them in a bowl with cream and cover them with granulated sugar. Each spoonful we ate would have so much sugar the berries would crunch as we ate them. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Yeah, not so much to me either, I guess you have to be a kid to appreciate that delicacy. I plan on having several different kinds of berries on our homestead. I have enough room I can space them out in different locations and sort of naturalize the landscape with them. I saw some white raspberries in a catalog, anyone ever grow them? I will use them for making jams and jellies, and maybe even some home-made wine. I sound more and more like an old hippie every day don’t I ?