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Gravel Parking Pad

29 Feb

I bought a load of crushed limestone, grade 33C, to spread around the barn for more parking area.



That’s $580.00 dollars worth of limestone, by the way. Sure seems like a lot of money for one load of 23 tons, but that is what it costs around here. How does that price sound to you?


I spread it around the front of the barn to have a parking area, and a place to work and stay out of the mud.


I fixed a small area to the side where I can back around off the driveway and not get stuck. I have a small pile left so I can fill in the low spots after it settles down a bit.


I haven’t had much rain on it yet so it is not fully settled, but for now it almost looks like concrete. I also used some of it around the drip line of the barn.



The water dripping is starting to wash out a furrow around the building. Someday I plan on having a rain water capturing tank system to make use of the water, but for now I need some gravel beneath the drip line to prevent any further erosion.


But Sweet Thing got after it with a shovel and wheelbarrow and went all the way down both sides of the barn and now that problem is solved! So now we can move on to the next project whatever it may be.