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27 Mar



I snapped some pics of the peacock at the local store. He is showing up every day to eat the cat food, I guess they are going to start feeding the cat soft canned food so the peacock will leave it alone. I wonder what a peacock tastes like? Just kidding!


Country Living

3 Mar

I would have to admit we really don’t live too far “out in the country”, at least like some of you do. But we do live out far enough that you can see sights like this at our local country store.


This is a peacock that belongs to the house just behind the store, not something you see at the local convenience store in town. If you look at the feet of the peacock you will see a pile of dry cat food. There is an old, sorry, mangy, wormy, scruffy, beat-up, worn-out old tomcat that hangs out around the store. I like cats, but this old tom is one sorry-looking excuse for a cat, he has definitely seen better days! I want to have a peacock at our homestead someday, but Sweet Thing says no. Do any of you have peacocks, and are they a lot of trouble compared to chickens or turkeys?