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Homestead Update 8/6/2017

6 Aug


Things have been a bit slow around here as you might imagine when one is working 70 hours per week at my job. Our cotton is progressing nicely as evidenced by this large, grown boll. I haven’t seen any open bolls yet, but it won’t be long.


As I was out working, I encountered these buzzards roosting on an electrical tower. I was fairly close and they didn’t seem too concerned with me being so close. I hope seeing buzzards eyeing me closely is not a portend of things to come!


Sweet Thing and I went to a yard sale and I bought this Coleman cook stove for $10. The man said it had only been used once and I can believe it because it is so clean and shiny. I talked him into throwing in that electrical worker’s canvas tool bag for free. I’ve always wanted one of those even though I don’t know why!


I picked up another Native American artifact, this tiny arrow head. You can see how tiny it is in comparison to the button on my sleeve.


I hung some new flags in my barn storage area. Not much question where I stand is it?


There is a cemetery adjoining a field I check each week and I noticed this concrete armadillo on a grave stone. The stone had the man’s name and dates of birth and death along with the caption “Here rests the Armadillo.” I guess the man’s nick name must have been Armadillo.


Right beside the Armadillo was a gravestone marking where the ashes of this lady was buried. I’ve seen the ashes of people entombed in a mausoleum, kept in an urn in a home, or scattered in the sea, but I don’t recall ever seeing them buried. I see some interesting things in my daily travels. I don’t have any pictures, but my tomatoes and squash are doing well, and my okra is just starting to produce and my purple hull peas are blooming so my garden is doing fairly well considering how little time I have spent taking care of it. I went to a gun show last week and bought some reloading powder as well as some 22 LR. I haven’t seen any of that sitting on a shelf in several years. I guess we can thank President Trump for that. People must be feeling comfortable enough in our situation to slow down stocking up, but not me. I say buy now while you have the chance so when the next big shortage occurs so you won’t be caught unprepared. Keep prepping everyone!


Homestead Update 8/20/16

20 Aug

I am happy to report my psoriasis is getting better every day! I decided to go outside today since it was overcast and cooler. It has been raining here off and on for ten days straight. That is bad news for our crops. The bolls are rotting on the cotton, the pods are shedding off of the soybeans, and the corn ears are sprouting on the stalk. In fact, I went outside while it was raining. I think it rained over an inch in 30 minutes, it just poured down. There was no lightening so I felt it was safe to be outside. I wanted to look at my culverts while it was raining; now I know why they washed out. The water was running so deep in the side ditch where I have the two small culverts, the water was overflowing the crossings. The water has never been that swift and deep in that ditch previously, so I think someone must have changed something upstream. There must be a new ditch or terrace dumping water into my ditch that wasn’t there before. This winter, I will walk upstream and see if I can see what is going on.


After the rain let up, I brought out my 45 Colt for a little target practice. I am so sick of being cooped up inside, I really needed to hear something go BOOM! I had my pistol in this nice leather bag I bought at the Goodwill for $2. I don’t know who Chuck is, but I am glad he donated his bag. I need to keep my shooting skills sharp because no matter who wins the election this Fall, things are going to be bad. It will just be a matter of whether things get bad fast or get bad slow! It is really hard to believe these two &^%$# are the only choices we have now. Keep prepping everyone, and keep practicing your shooting skills, the Zombies are coming!


October Is The Driest Month Of The Year?

8 Oct

October is usually the driest month of the year according to historical averages, but this week, the weatherman is calling for rain every day. I don’t want any rain for the next 6 weeks, harvest is in full swing.


There are cotton fields all over the area, wide open, waiting to be picked.


Fields like this will be damaged if they are rained on, so I hope the rains will hold off.


Our garden is about finished, but I noticed this cantaloupe growing between the trellis and the wall of my shop.


It should taste just fine, it just looks kinda’ funny.



You can sure tell Fall is here, people are putting out their Fall displays of pumpkins, gourds and mums.


There are even some mums outside of my bank. Come on in and give us your money. HA! I might as well put it under my mattress for all the interest I am drawing. Can you say “ZERO”?


Oreo says it is time to go, so I will be back soon. Keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

30 Aug

Yes, I am still alive, I just have been too tired to get excited enough to sit down and compose a post. Things should be slowly winding down for this season so I should at least be able to getting back to working up some posts for the weekends.


Not much true homestead activity this Summer, just mowing and picking up limbs. I am still getting some ‘maters off of my plants and Sweet Thing is still eating them.


My eyes were hurting last week so I stopped into Walgreens and bought some eye drops. Talk about deceptive packaging! Look at the size of that box compared to the size of the bottle! I got taken on that deal.


I am starting to see some open cotton bolls and that always cheers me up. The end is in sight.


I am seeing a few fields of corn being harvested, and the rest should be in full swing within a week so that is definitely a good sign this season is drawing to an end.


I made a good roadside find this week. I was going down a road that has a lot of vehicles pulling boats going to a local lake and I spotted this rain jacket on the shoulder of the road. It had the logo for Ranger Boats on it and I figure it blew out of someone’s boat as they were going down the road. It is even my size! I took it home and Sweet Thing washed it with a little Lysol in the wash in case it had cooties and I am going to hang it out in my workshop in case I get caught unexpectedly in the rain. It always pays to be prepared. Keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

13 Jul

Not much happened around the homestead this week, again due to my full work schedule.



I found several nice marbles while working in the field.


I also found two more Indian artifacts. I probably won’t find much more this year, the crops are large enough now to shade the ground so it is getting hard to see much below the canopy.


It has finally dried up enough we have started watering the cotton, although the weather forecast is for rain and cooler temps starting tomorrow.


Most of the cotton is blooming and that is right on schedule to be normal.


I drove up to where one of my farmers was working and he had backed his sprayer off into the ditch and was hung up. He was waiting on someone to bring a tractor and pull him out, and he was really POed!


I bought this little push mower to take to MILs house so Sweet Thing could help mow her yard. This was one of the $149 Wal-Mart specials. I took it out of the box, poured in the oil and gas, pulled the starter rope and it started on the first pull! A few years ago this mower cost just $99, and I mean only just 5 years ago. This goes to show how inflation is creeping in slowly and steadily and most people don’t even see it. This economy is tanking folks, you better be prepared for it, so keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

7 Jun

Well, as you might imagine, working 80 hours last week at my job not much was accomplished around here. Things are starting to look up with the crops, so maybe I can settle into a 60 hour a week groove now. That would leave a little time to work around the homestead. We did manage to get the yard mowed but that is pretty much all we were able to accomplish outside. Sweet Thing spent a lot of time straightening up and cleaning inside the house this week.


Some of the corn is starting to look pretty good.


The cotton is finally looking like it might survive the Spring weather and actually produce a crop.


I found 6 marbles this week.


I found 2 Indian artifacts!


I also found the base to an old-timey Iron that you heated on top of the woodstove. This thing is heavy, that’s why Granny had such big arms. She had to be strong to do all the everyday chores she did! Keep prepping everyone!

Cotton Defoliation

20 Sep


We should be well on our way to cotton harvest by now, but due to the lateness of our crops, we are just now ready to begin defoliating or removing the leaves from our cotton plants. This field has enough open bolls I will recommend defoliation next Monday.


The cotton we grow in our area is classified as upland cotton. As I was looking at this field I saw an unusual looking plant. This is a stalk of Pima cotton. Pima cotton accounts for only 5% of the cotton grown in the US. It is primarily grown in California with smaller amounts grown in the desert Southwest. Our growing seasons are too short to produce a good crop of Pima cotton, but occasionally a seed of Pima will be mixed in with our upland cottons. Pima cotton is considered a premium cotton, valued for it’s high fiber quality. If you Google the term “Pima cotton” you will see lots of sites devoted to selling clothes made exclusively from Pima cotton and carrying an exclusive price I might add.


Pima sure has some pretty blooms doesn’t it? Keep prepping everyone!