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Roundup Ready Extend Technology

18 Sep


Last week I took a trip to Arkansas to look at some new cotton that will be on the market next year. There was 2500 acres of this cotton being grown in this location, and there is one more location in Arizona growing this cotton for the seed to sell next year. This cotton has not been approved for sale, so we had “minders” following us around as we walked through the field to watch us and make sure we didn’t pick any cotton seeds and put them in our pocket! We actually had to go through a security screening and get government approval before we were allowed to enter the fields. This new variety of cotton is resistant to being sprayed with glyphosate, gluphosinate, and dicamba. No other cotton has ever been tolerant of those three chemicals. This became necessary after the pigweeds became resistant to glyphosate. Without the other chemicals, it would be impossible to grow cotton without a chemical way to control the pigweeds. In the coming year, if you pay any attention to this kind of information, you will see lots of news articles and blog posts with different groups bashing the “Great Satan, Monsanto”! But trust me on this, if we don’t get approval for this new technology, there will be no more cotton grown in the South in the very near future. There is also a new technology coming forward in 2016 that will allow cotton to be sprayed with 2-4D, and you will hear another hue and cry when that occurs!


While we were in the field, we looked over our shoulders and saw a storm front coming so we had to high-tail it out of there! Watch out for those storms everyone!

Homestead Update

13 Jul

Not much happened around the homestead this week, again due to my full work schedule.



I found several nice marbles while working in the field.


I also found two more Indian artifacts. I probably won’t find much more this year, the crops are large enough now to shade the ground so it is getting hard to see much below the canopy.


It has finally dried up enough we have started watering the cotton, although the weather forecast is for rain and cooler temps starting tomorrow.


Most of the cotton is blooming and that is right on schedule to be normal.


I drove up to where one of my farmers was working and he had backed his sprayer off into the ditch and was hung up. He was waiting on someone to bring a tractor and pull him out, and he was really POed!


I bought this little push mower to take to MILs house so Sweet Thing could help mow her yard. This was one of the $149 Wal-Mart specials. I took it out of the box, poured in the oil and gas, pulled the starter rope and it started on the first pull! A few years ago this mower cost just $99, and I mean only just 5 years ago. This goes to show how inflation is creeping in slowly and steadily and most people don’t even see it. This economy is tanking folks, you better be prepared for it, so keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

7 Jun

Well, as you might imagine, working 80 hours last week at my job not much was accomplished around here. Things are starting to look up with the crops, so maybe I can settle into a 60 hour a week groove now. That would leave a little time to work around the homestead. We did manage to get the yard mowed but that is pretty much all we were able to accomplish outside. Sweet Thing spent a lot of time straightening up and cleaning inside the house this week.


Some of the corn is starting to look pretty good.


The cotton is finally looking like it might survive the Spring weather and actually produce a crop.


I found 6 marbles this week.


I found 2 Indian artifacts!


I also found the base to an old-timey Iron that you heated on top of the woodstove. This thing is heavy, that’s why Granny had such big arms. She had to be strong to do all the everyday chores she did! Keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

16 May

I have been busy this past week due to planting season finally getting underway. I am at the time of year I might work 30 days in a row without taking a day off.


Cotton planting got underway last week, this is one of our plots where we put out 12 different varieties to test out.


We have some corn planted to look at this year and most of it looks like this, pretty small and weak!


This is about the biggest corn around.


I found this old hammer head in the field.


I mowed the grass again, but I left this big, tall cereal rye grass in the back. This is part of my deer browse I planted, and I am going to leave it until the rye goes to seed. Maybe it will come back next year.


This is some crimson clover I didn’t mow. It came back naturally from the deer browse I planted last year.


I saw some honey bees working these blooming turnips, so I waited to mow this strip as well.


I cut up the Magnolia tree that the wind blew down in the neighbor’s yard and I added the green wood to my wood pile for burning this winter. Keep prepping everyone!

Native American Artifacts

30 Jul



I found another nice Native American artifact today. I was really lucky to find this one because I was in a field of tall cotton that had almost lapped the middles. I was spreading back the foliage to look at the fruit on the stalks and there the artifact laid, right between my feet.


This is one of the nicer fields of cotton I am checking this year. When the crop is tall enough to shade the middles where you can’t see down to the ground we say it has canopied up or is laid by. We like it when we reach this stage because it helps keep the weeds from coming up. I’ll be glad when all my fields look like this one. This year has been pretty rough and it is not going to get much better until it is over. I am not posting regularly because I am still working 13 hours a day. Every day as I am out I take pictures and compose blog posts in my mind. Sometimes I compose 2 or 3 a day. I like to think my posts are interesting and informative, and often humorous and witty! (at least in my mind anyway) But after I come in and shower it is nearly 9 pm and all I feel like doing is sitting in my recliner for an hour before bedtime and reading some of your blogs. My motivation for writing has left me after a 13 hour day! Elvis has left the building! So I just sit quietly and read. I am usually envious of your goats, chickens, rabbits and other livestock and your beautiful gardens. Someday I hope to have the time to do more of these type of homesteading activities. Wait a minute, isn’t envy one of the 7 deadly sins? Yeah, number 6 on the list. I guess that will just be another check mark against me in Heaven’s big ledger book of life. Be good.

Farming Progress

18 May


Well, the weather finally dried up and warmed up enough for farmers to get in the fields and work. This is one of our farmers planting a cotton variety trial for us. We are planting 12 rows each of 14 different varieties of cotton. we are planting 4 varieties we really like, 4 varieties that are available but we don’t think we really like, and 6 experimental varieties that have not been released yet. If any of the experimental varieties do well, they may be released in the future. This gives us an opportunity to check them out before they become commercially available. We usually plant 4 of these trials every year so they helps us stay on top of the best varieties for our clients. I’ve got my fingers crossed the weather will hold out for one more week, we can make a lot of progress in 7 days. Then I will be hoping for a little rain, in the farming business we are never satisfied with the weather!