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Homestead Update 6/11/17

11 Jun


I have been out and about working this week. As I was checking this cotton field in the foreground, I noticed that steep, highly erodible hillside in the background is planted to corn. That corn will never yield very well. Even if we have an unusually rainy Summer, the corn will still suffer from drought stress because when it rains, the rain will runoff the hillside before it can soak up. Looks like a bad decision to me.


The tomatoes in my raised beds are looking good. As I was cleaning out the grass and weeds, I harvested about 3 dozen onions I planted last Fall. I don’t know what I will do with so many onions at one time.


I made a new contraption for harvesting honey made from plastic tubs and wedding veil material. I needed the frames to stand upside down so the honey would drain properly since the cells in the comb are at a slight upward angle.


I didn’t have a comb uncapping tool so I used this hair comb that Sweet Thing bought at the Dollar Store.


After I uncapped the comb, I clamped the frames down with two strips of wood to keep the frames upright. This method of harvesting seems to work well, although I might not get too much honey this year. Yesterday I discovered two of my hives were queen less! I just happened to have a swarm captured in one of my traps still hanging in a tree. I went out and brought the trap home and did a news paper combine with the swarm hive and the old queen less hive. I’ll let you know how that goes. Until then, keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update 8/20/16

20 Aug

I am happy to report my psoriasis is getting better every day! I decided to go outside today since it was overcast and cooler. It has been raining here off and on for ten days straight. That is bad news for our crops. The bolls are rotting on the cotton, the pods are shedding off of the soybeans, and the corn ears are sprouting on the stalk. In fact, I went outside while it was raining. I think it rained over an inch in 30 minutes, it just poured down. There was no lightening so I felt it was safe to be outside. I wanted to look at my culverts while it was raining; now I know why they washed out. The water was running so deep in the side ditch where I have the two small culverts, the water was overflowing the crossings. The water has never been that swift and deep in that ditch previously, so I think someone must have changed something upstream. There must be a new ditch or terrace dumping water into my ditch that wasn’t there before. This winter, I will walk upstream and see if I can see what is going on.


After the rain let up, I brought out my 45 Colt for a little target practice. I am so sick of being cooped up inside, I really needed to hear something go BOOM! I had my pistol in this nice leather bag I bought at the Goodwill for $2. I don’t know who Chuck is, but I am glad he donated his bag. I need to keep my shooting skills sharp because no matter who wins the election this Fall, things are going to be bad. It will just be a matter of whether things get bad fast or get bad slow! It is really hard to believe these two &^%$# are the only choices we have now. Keep prepping everyone, and keep practicing your shooting skills, the Zombies are coming!


Homestead Update

7 Jun

Well, as you might imagine, working 80 hours last week at my job not much was accomplished around here. Things are starting to look up with the crops, so maybe I can settle into a 60 hour a week groove now. That would leave a little time to work around the homestead. We did manage to get the yard mowed but that is pretty much all we were able to accomplish outside. Sweet Thing spent a lot of time straightening up and cleaning inside the house this week.


Some of the corn is starting to look pretty good.


The cotton is finally looking like it might survive the Spring weather and actually produce a crop.


I found 6 marbles this week.


I found 2 Indian artifacts!


I also found the base to an old-timey Iron that you heated on top of the woodstove. This thing is heavy, that’s why Granny had such big arms. She had to be strong to do all the everyday chores she did! Keep prepping everyone!

Fresh Corn On The Cob

30 Apr


I was in the grocery store today looking for baking potatoes and I spotted a display for fresh corn on the cob. HUH! I wonder where this came from. I think it would be too early to have corn from California, Texas or Florida. Maybe this corn came from Mexico or even South America. I don’t know where it came from, but I cooked it on the grill with a small steak (a small one was all I could afford, the price of meat is outrageous!) and the corn was delicious! I am going back for more tomorrow! I don’t think I can grow corn on the homestead until I work up a permanent plot and surround it with a solar electric fence, but that is in my future plans. Keep prepping everyone!

This Means War!

14 Sep

And I don’t mean the limited pin-prick war our President wants to wage in Syria, but all out, apocalyptic end of the world survival of the species kind of war. And why am I so ready for war? If you remember, I planted about 50 stalks of Sweet Corn the first of July and despite the late planting date, the high temps, Southern Rust, and corn Ear Worms I was going to have a good harvest. I was watching the silks turn brown on the ears as they filled out and I decided I needed two more days until harvest. When I went down to the garden to harvest my bounty, this is what I saw,


All of the stalks had been broken over!



The ears had been pulled from the stalks and the shucks had been peeled down and the kernels were gone. What in the world could it have been? Was it some malicious neighborhood vandals? No it was filthy, sneaky Raccoons!


Yeah I know you did it, but now it is on! No holds barred buddy, it’s me and you, it’s go time! I’m using traps and guns and dogs and whatever else it takes! Next year I am going to fence in my corn and use a solar-powered electric fence to keep the varmints out. Anyone else have problems with coons?


Out of 50 stalks this is my total harvest. Oh well, at least I got one good meal out of it. Keep prepping everyone.

Cotton Harvest 2012

23 Sep


We have started cotton harvest for this year, and all things considered, I guess it could have been worse. The yields are off quite a bit as we expected on the dryland fields, but hopefully the irrigated fields will yield close to normal. As you can see from the picture above, you can see a lot of white, fluffy cotton. But when the cotton is really good, if you took that same picture, you would not see anything in the field but white cotton. You would not be able to see any gaps or any of the red or green streaks like you see above. With the prices of crops now, there will be a lot less cotton planted next year. Oh well, that will just mean more soybeans and corn to work with.

More Fun At The Fair!

26 Aug

We went through the exhibits and checked out the garden and crops displays.



Big melons!


Pumpkins and gourds.




Home caning. I wonder if Aunt Bea had some of her kerosene cucumbers entered? HAHA!


Baked goods like cookies and muffins.


Fresh eggs and canned dried fruit.


This is exactly the three kinds of squash Sweet Thing used to cook her squash casserole.


A big display of corn from the field crops division.


This is a pencil drawing of a rooster which only received Second Prize. I thought it was much better than the First Prize winner but I am just an amateur so what do I know.



And of course, you must have antique tractors at the Fair. If you get a chance go out to your local Fair. There may be more there besides just rides and bad food!