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Homestead Update 6/11/17

11 Jun


I have been out and about working this week. As I was checking this cotton field in the foreground, I noticed that steep, highly erodible hillside in the background is planted to corn. That corn will never yield very well. Even if we have an unusually rainy Summer, the corn will still suffer from drought stress because when it rains, the rain will runoff the hillside before it can soak up. Looks like a bad decision to me.


The tomatoes in my raised beds are looking good. As I was cleaning out the grass and weeds, I harvested about 3 dozen onions I planted last Fall. I don’t know what I will do with so many onions at one time.


I made a new contraption for harvesting honey made from plastic tubs and wedding veil material. I needed the frames to stand upside down so the honey would drain properly since the cells in the comb are at a slight upward angle.


I didn’t have a comb uncapping tool so I used this hair comb that Sweet Thing bought at the Dollar Store.


After I uncapped the comb, I clamped the frames down with two strips of wood to keep the frames upright. This method of harvesting seems to work well, although I might not get too much honey this year. Yesterday I discovered two of my hives were queen less! I just happened to have a swarm captured in one of my traps still hanging in a tree. I went out and brought the trap home and did a news paper combine with the swarm hive and the old queen less hive. I’ll let you know how that goes. Until then, keep prepping everyone!


Homestead Update

28 Jun

Not much went on around the homestead this week due to my work schedule. We mowed the lawn and pulled weeds from around the tomato plants, otherwise it was just work, work, work!


The corn is starting to tassel and looking good since it had so much rain so far this year.


Wheat is ready for harvest, lots of amber waves of grain now.


Of course, when the wheat is cut, many farmers burn off the fields to get rid of the straw. I strongly discourage my clients from doing this, it is a real waste of organic matter.


I found this on the shoulder of the road. You can’t tell from the picture but this is a 3/4 inch drive ratchet. Heck yeah! Those things are expensive, I can use this with my set I bought at Harbor Freight. I also saw a long handle shovel laying on the shoulder of the interstate, but I decided to pass it up and not go back for it. It was at the interchange of 2 interstate highways and the traffic was just too heavy to risk dancing around on the road. It’s not worth getting run over or causing a multi-car pile-up just for a shovel. Still, I sure did hate to pass it up. Keep prepping everyone.

Homestead Update

7 Jun

Well, as you might imagine, working 80 hours last week at my job not much was accomplished around here. Things are starting to look up with the crops, so maybe I can settle into a 60 hour a week groove now. That would leave a little time to work around the homestead. We did manage to get the yard mowed but that is pretty much all we were able to accomplish outside. Sweet Thing spent a lot of time straightening up and cleaning inside the house this week.


Some of the corn is starting to look pretty good.


The cotton is finally looking like it might survive the Spring weather and actually produce a crop.


I found 6 marbles this week.


I found 2 Indian artifacts!


I also found the base to an old-timey Iron that you heated on top of the woodstove. This thing is heavy, that’s why Granny had such big arms. She had to be strong to do all the everyday chores she did! Keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

16 May

I have been busy this past week due to planting season finally getting underway. I am at the time of year I might work 30 days in a row without taking a day off.


Cotton planting got underway last week, this is one of our plots where we put out 12 different varieties to test out.


We have some corn planted to look at this year and most of it looks like this, pretty small and weak!


This is about the biggest corn around.


I found this old hammer head in the field.


I mowed the grass again, but I left this big, tall cereal rye grass in the back. This is part of my deer browse I planted, and I am going to leave it until the rye goes to seed. Maybe it will come back next year.


This is some crimson clover I didn’t mow. It came back naturally from the deer browse I planted last year.


I saw some honey bees working these blooming turnips, so I waited to mow this strip as well.


I cut up the Magnolia tree that the wind blew down in the neighbor’s yard and I added the green wood to my wood pile for burning this winter. Keep prepping everyone!