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Construction Update 42

21 Nov


They put in the electrical service last week. Until now, we have been using electricity from a temporary service pole, this is the regular meter. I am going to paint all that grey plastic with matching brown paint. You can see where the mud is splashing up onto the bottom rows of bricks because we don’t have any grass or mulch to protect the ground. I plan on getting some bales of straw next week and spreading them out under the drip line. That will give a little protection until I can do some landscaping next year.


They also ran the gas line and installed the meter, although it is not hooked into the house yet. We are waiting for the plumber to come do that and then we can fire up the heat!


These are the men from the gas company welding the lengths of gas pipes together before they put them in the trench. They welded them together then drug them over to the trench in one long unit instead of doing it piece by piece, they said it was faster that way.


These are the AC units. They were installed 2 weeks ago but they have not been run and tested yet.


These are the heating units installed upstairs in the attic. They have not been run and tested yet either.


When they do fire up the heating units I will be ready. I bought 3 of the largest fire extinguishers that I could find. One will be kept by the heating units, which is also next to the chimney in the attic. One of the extinguishers will be kept near the fireplace and the other will be kept in the laundry room by the dryer. I will get a special unit for grease fires to keep in the kitchen. More tomorrow.