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Homestead Update

19 Jul


Well, let’s see what went on around here this week. My Mother-In-Law’s lawn mower stopped running and I was selected to fix it. The drive belt broke and I figured how hard can it be to replace a belt. I first took off the deck and looked and realized I couldn’t reach the belt from there. I could see it but not reach it. I looked up the owner’s manual on-line and I looked up replacing the drive belt. The manual said this is a job best left to your authorized service dealer and is not homeowner replaceable. Well, challenge accepted! It really wasn’t that hard to replace except I had to remove the entire fender assembly to be able to access the pulley system. Once I had the fenders out-of-the-way it was a piece of cake.


I finally had to break down a buy a new push mower. Our old one has been to the shop but it still is not doing what it should. It is hard to start and once you run it for 5 minutes when it chokes down you can’t get it to restart. Since the old mower was giving so much trouble, the grass inside the dog pen is 12 inches deep now. The new mower cut right through it without missing a beat!


When I picked up the riding mower at my MIL’s house, I mentioned getting a new, small trailer for hauling my diesel tank to the station for filling. She said not to buy a new one, I should take that one sitting out by the barn. I reminded her that trailer had been promised to another son-in-law. She said it had been over a year and the trailer was still sitting in the same spot and she was tired of mowing around it and looking at it. She wanted me to carry it home and if the other SIL wanted it he could come get it from me. HA! good luck with that! The bed on the trailer is so long, when you unhook it from the ball, the rear drops to the ground and the hitch will hit you in the mouth if you are not careful! I cut off about 3 feet from the rear of the trailer with my Harbor Freight Double cut saw and now it is balanced perfectly. The trailer is made from an old truck rear axle and springs so it should have no trouble handling the diesel tank, especially since I will only pull it a few miles probably twice a year.


I am still feeding the bees in my planter trays. I don’t know if they are all my bees, or if I am feeding all the bees in the area. I was out in the barn yesterday where I could keep my eye on it and refill it as needed. They were drinking up a gallon of sugar-water every hour! it’s a good thing I am not able to stay home and do that everyday. That would get expensive.


I realized I haven’t found much roadside treasure lately. All I have found is this roll of heavy nylon cord. I can always use that. I guess I need to keep my eyes peeled for more treasure. Keep prepping everyone.


No, this has not slipped my notice, I will have something to post about this later. Just more goose crap coming down on our heads from the Commies in Charge!