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Construction Update 5

9 Jun

Today the contractor laid down a layer of plastic vapor barrier on the sand and poured the slab.







Everything was happening fast and furious, so I snapped a few pictures and then I got back out of the way. They had three trucks at a time coming in and pouring concrete.



But now we have a nice smooth slab of concrete. This will be our floor on the first floor, we are going to have it stained and not put anything else down. We have seen that done at some of the Home Shows we have attended and really liked the way it looks. Some people said it will be really cold in the winter but we will give it a try and if we don’t like it we can put down some type of flooring later.


They are going to pour the garage floor tomorrow, then they will have to pour the front and rear porches later.


Construction Progress 4

6 Jun

The contractor filled the foundation with sand, then he trenched out the plumbing lines.




Now he has the plumbing all roughed in and is ready to pour the slab!

Barn Construction…Day 5

28 Oct

The construction crew of two men came out the day after the slab was poured, which was day five. They put up the trusses and nailed on the purlins.

It is starting to look like a barn now.

Over to the left you can see where the three windows are going. You can see how smooth and slick the floor looks too! The crew said they would go get the metal siding and roof panels and put them up Thursday and Friday. That would finish everything except the roll-up door in the front. Last night we had an inch and a half of rain so I don’t expect them to come back until Monday. RATS!

Concrete Floor

27 Oct

This is day four of barn construction. The concrete truck came and poured the slab.

The workers finished the concrete out really smooth. They actually finished it out smoother than what I wanted, it is glass smooth. It is just smooth enough so that if you get a little moisture on it you can slip and bust your butt. I really wanted a little rougher finish, but I was not there when it was done so I didn’t get to talk to the finishing crew.

They have the floor finished, looking really good