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Trailer Truck Of Bees Overturns

17 Apr


I was watching the news this evening and I saw a story about a truckload of bee hives overturned near Seattle, causing the death and destruction of millions of bees.  These bees were traveling to area farms to pollinate berry crops. This traveling around the country may be part of the colony collapse disorder you read so much about. It seems if everyone wants to point their fingers towards farm insecticides as being the major culprit in CCD, but there are many factors involved. One of which may be loading bees onto trailer trucks and hauling them all over the country to pollinate different crops. As I was doing a Google search for these images, I found many more instances of trucks overturning, not just this incident in Seattle.


After they saved what they could, they just took a front-end loader and scooped up the rest to haul away. It hurt to watch that, I could have used some of those old, empty hives!


As I was surfing around reading about bees, I came across this new invention someone is promoting. It is called a flow hive and they claim you can harvest your honey without opening your hive and disturbing the bees. (not to mention not having to do all the work to harvest honey the traditional way) I found a place to buy the inner workings to install inside your own wooden ware and it was priced $460 for the complete works. I will have to do more checking up on this before I invest that amount!


We have been  getting lots of rain this week so I tried to slip out and mow some today before the next round of rain gets here. I got the ZTM  stuck 3 times! As I was mowing I watched the henbit and dandelions for bees but all I saw was bumble bees. But when I got close to the old turnip patch in the back, I saw hundreds of bees working! I don’t know who those girls belonged to, they are not mine. My bees will be delivered on May 5th, and I am stoked!


I have been gathering supplies to make some swarm traps similar to the ones pictured above. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Mann Lake and I received 2 big boxes today from Fed-Ex. Oh Boy!

I opened the boxes and checked off the shipping list and discovered they had backordered my swarm lures. Rats! I was going to put some traps out next week, I guess I will use the lemon grass oil and put the traps out anyway. When the lures arrive I will go around and insert them in the opening. We will see what happens then, this is all new to me. Keep prepping everyone!