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Homestead Update 12/24/16

24 Dec


Tonight is Christmas Eve and Santa stopped by the homestead to have dinner with all of his little friends.


Sweet Thing has the table set with her festive holiday décor so Santa can dine with reindeer and bears.


His other friends are Elves, Snowmen, and a Christmas mouse!


Sweet Thing has also been busy making her world famous Chex Mix. She worked three afternoons and made 30 gallons of mix.


Here is some of it all bagged and all ready to go. A lot of people really look forward to her Chex Mix!


Brandi helped her make the Chex Mix so now she is asleep beside me in my recliner because she is all tuckered out! Keep prepping everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Homestead Update 12/19/2015

19 Dec

I haven’t done much actual Homestead activity this week, but I have been Christmas shopping! I always buy myself some nice gifts for Santa to bring me.

18 brad

This is a Porter-Cable 18 gauge 20 Volt cordless nailer. I haven’t seen a cordless one before and I just happen to have 2 other Porter-Cable batteries that will fit this tool so I just had to buy it. I’ll let you know how it works out after I try it on a project.


We shopped at a local flea market/junk store and he sells hand-made metal objects-DE-art. This is a metal catfish sculpture that is about 4 feet long. I sure would have liked to have it but it was out of my price range.


Two weeks ago, I had a bag of apples going soft. I intended to throw them in the woods behind the dog pen and just for kicks I threw some of them in the dog pen. Jethro loves apples! I kept feeding him one apple per day until the bag was gone. The first day that I didn’t give him an apple, after I filled his feed bowl, he just ignored it and stood up on the fence looking at me as if to say “hey, where’s my apple?” I had Sweet Thing buy a cheap bag of apples and I give him one each morning. You can see from the picture, he really munches them down.


We went to a Christmas dinner party at the home of one of my clients. He had this big tray of 2 inch thick fillets which he cooked on a Big Green Egg and they were delicious. That Big Green Egg is on my wish list. They sell a generic version at Lowe’s for $300 so I may end up with one of those someday.


Sweet Thing used some big cans of mixed nuts in her World Famous Chex Mix. After removing the labels, she then took those empty cans and covered them with Christmas paper and added bells, bows, and ribbons. I think they look really nice for gift giving!


I went next door and visited with Little Bubba today. My neighbor said I can’t have him back! His Granddaughter loves him and they are best friends now. I think he just might wander over to my shop for a visit every now and then. Keep prepping everyone! Oh, I almost forgot our Christmas tune, enjoy!

World Famous Chex-Mix

18 Dec


Sweet Thing just spent 2 whole days making her world famous Chex-Mix. Why did it take so long? She made 35 gallon bags of it that’s why! I asked her how much all that cost. She said that didn’t matter, it was all going to our family and friends. I said that was all fine and good, but I still wondered how much it cost. She told me to go outside and stop being such a Grinch! So, here is another Christmas tune, You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch. Enjoy!


Christmas Eve 2013

23 Dec


Sweet Thing has spent the last two days getting ready for Christmas. Here she has the table all set with her Christmas China and cutlery.


She made several gallons of her world-famous Chex-Mix.


She baked two chocolate chess pies and two chocolate brownie pies.


She baked peanut butter cookies for Santa and a peanut butter pie for me!


She also baked two pineapple cakes, YUM! Christmas sure will be tasty!

Chex Mix

19 Dec

Sweet Thing spent 2 days last week making Chex Mix. She does this every year around Christmas. At Thanksgiving dinner she mentioned she might not have time to fix any this year and the relatives all said “Oh, you have to make Chex mix, we love it, Christmas won’t be the same without your Chex Mix.” So she got all the materials together and went to work. It took two whole days to make it, and it was a lot of work to make as much as she made. How much did she make?




The ziplock bags are two gallon size, and she filled 12 of them. So that worked out to be 24 gallons of chex mix. Do you know how much it costs to make 24 gallons of chex mix? I don’t know either, she hid the true cost from me because I fussed so much when she bought the first batch of supplies, and then she went back two more times! She said I shouldn’t be such a Scrooge. I guess I really don’t want to know, Merry Christmas!