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Freezing Rain And Ice

23 Feb

Our weather has definitely taken a turn for the better around here. Instead of being 15 degrees below normal we are now 15 degrees above normal. The frogs in our stock pond are out and singing up a storm! Back when we had the ice storm, I was working in my office and I heard the heating unit outside my window making a funny sound. I looked outside and discovered this,,,


The rain dripping off of the house was collecting on the unit and it was now covered with a solid sheet of ice on the top and all four sides! Normally the rain drip just misses the edge of the unit, but the ice freezing on the roof moved the drip outward just enough to catch the unit and it froze there just like it was freezing on the trees and grass. I discovered this just one hour before I was to leave for a meeting in the city. Great. I called the dealer who installed the unit and he suggested the first thing to do was to take warm water and pour it all over the unit to thaw the ice. After that he said I should be OK, but if I still wanted him to come check it he would. I figured it would take much longer to thaw the unit than the hour I had available but I got right on it and in 45 minutes it was completely ice-free! I am going to build some sort of roof to put over the unit the next time the weatherman predicts freezing rain. Keep prepping everyone.