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Fire Safety

14 Dec


Sweet Thing and I decided to do a little Christmas shopping in Memphis last weekend where we encountered this. I know a lot of people say to carry a fire extinguisher in your vehicle in case of fire. You know I am all about being prepared and safety, but I don’t carry an extinguisher in my vehicle. I have them in our home and in the barn, but I don’t carry one in the vehicles, I guess I should. But I will tell you why I don’t, it is just a safety issue. A vehicle contains a large amount of gasoline, and gasoline and fire don’t mix! I don’t want to be standing around trying to get my extinguisher out of the vehicle, or using it to put out the fire and have that gas tank burst into flames! A vehicle is not worth getting burned or even killed trying to put it out. That is one of the reasons to carry insurance, to replace the vehicle if it burns, so for my own safety, I am going to stand back away from all that gasoline while the fire is burning. Leave that job to the professionals folks! Be Safe!