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Bug Out Bunker for Preppers

24 Jul

I don’t know why I waited so long to tell you about this structure, I drive by it every week during the summer.



This is a solid concrete bunker house that a man (let’s call him John) built after the Arab Oil Embargo of 1979. John was so convinced that OPEC was going to strangle the US economy by cutting off the oil supply for years and years. He said the price of all fossil fuels would go through the roof. Consequently, the price of not only gasoline would skyrocket, but the cost of producing electricity would be so high most people would not be able to afford to run air conditioners in the summer or heat in the winter. That is when he had this concrete bunker house constructed. All of the walls, floors and ceilings are solid concrete, not only for the insulating factor, but also as a secure fortification from intruders. The front has too much area to be glassed in for either purpose in my opinion, but I guess that could be corrected if the need ever arose. Before he finished the house, the embargo was lifted and things got back to some semblance of normalcy and the bunker sits there unfinished. The locals mockingly refer to the structure as Crazy John’s Bunker, but if TSHTF somebody might just finish it and move in! How would you like to live in a bunker? Keep prepping everyone.


Bug-Out Location

16 Apr

I’ll bet you thought I was going to tell you where it is didn’t you? Not a chance. Actually our Bug-Out location is our homestead, so I will call it our Bug-In location. So the safety essentials I keep with me are not a Get-Out-Of-Dodge bag but a Get-Back-Home-Bag! We just came back from a visit with my parents, that will be our back-up Bug-Out location. They live on a large lake which would be ideal for a back-up water supply as well as a source for fish and game, such as these ducks.


This is their fishing shack built on the water. You can see the two Mallard Drakes sitting on the rail just resting. Let’s see if I can slip up on them and get closer.


Yes! I got close enough to use a slingshot to take one of them if I had to.


This is the hen right outside the back door mooching for a biscuit or stale bread. Mama said she is looking around in the flower beds for a place to build her nest. Last year a hen hatched out 8 ducklings in the flower bed.


This is Millie the wonder dog helping me check out the ducks. She probably thought I was going fishing. When Dad hooks a fish, he just pulls it up close to the bank where Millie can see it flopping around. She will dive into the water and grab the fish, and pull it up on the bank and stand there barking at it until dad unhooks it. I suggested they get a big, mean dog for protection. They said if anyone tried to mess with them Millie would be all over them, even if it was a grizzly bear!

P1010143  This is Toby calmly gazing out over the lake. He once sat on a stump right by the lake with a cane pole in his hands. A storm came up one night and caused huge waves to crash the shore. The waves washed Toby into the lake so he had to move back away from the edge. Have you got your bug-out plans in place? Be prepared!