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16 Jun

These birds are called Killdeer or Kildees. I have posted about these birds before, but I had another close encounter today.


I saw the mama fly off of this nest, if you look closely, you can see 4 eggs in the nest.


I stopped right beside the nest and she flew off about 10 feet and flapped and squawked and gave me the old broken wing routine.


When she realized I wasn’t leaving, she came back to the nest and flapped her wings and shrieked at me to drive me away. What marvelous maternal instincts these birds have!


Bird’s Nest

30 Jan

Sweet Thing and I were walking through the wooded area of the homestead recently and we came across this;


This is a little, tiny bird’s nest. I don’t know what kind of bird it was, but the nest was so small I don’t think you could put a golf ball inside it. I am going to build bird houses and place them around on the homestead, I can hardly wait!