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Leftover Lumber

28 Jun

I stopped by the construction site just one day after the walls started and found this in the trash pile.


All of that lumber on top of the woodpile I picked out of the trash pile. I told the contractor to put all of it to the side, I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. After all, I’m paying for this. Most of these 2×4 pieces are 12-24 inches long. There were 2 pieces of 2x12s 24 inches long and some plywood 4 feet long and 18 inches wide. I could use those for all sorts of projects from shelves, bird houses, dog feeders, or hen nests. If nothing else, I can burn those 2x4s in my woodstove to heat my workshop. Waste not want not I always say.


Bird Houses

17 Mar

I saw this bird house at the welcome center near us and it got me to thinking about building some bird houses for the homestead.


I have lots of potential places to place bird houses. I have deep wooded areas,  open wooded edges, and open fence lines which would attract entirely different types of birds. While the men were putting up our barn I told them not to clean up and throw away anything. I told them to just leave it and I would clean it up. They left some 2X4’s and big pieces of metal siding I can use to construct some bird houses, so I will be utilizing the scraps and remnants of the project. Once again I’m going green, recycling, and saving the planet. Good for me!

Bird’s Nest

30 Jan

Sweet Thing and I were walking through the wooded area of the homestead recently and we came across this;


This is a little, tiny bird’s nest. I don’t know what kind of bird it was, but the nest was so small I don’t think you could put a golf ball inside it. I am going to build bird houses and place them around on the homestead, I can hardly wait!