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Homestead Update

24 Jan


I hope you have all survived Winter Storm Jonas. After watching the news on TV and internet, it still amazes me how people can be so unprepared for even a 3 day emergency. When SHTF we are really going to have some riots and uprisings like has never been seen. I know all of you, my readers, are at least marginally prepared, and most of you are fully prepared. We had 5 inches of snow here at the homestead, with some temperatures in the low teens. At times like this, I am glad I don’t have any livestock and chickens to take care of. Sweet Thing says I can’t have any until I retire so I will have time to take proper care of them, and I can see her point. Just going out and taking care of the dogs and barn cats is enough for me. I did go out and remove the snow from the entrance of my bee hives. As of last week, I still saw bees flying in and out of the hives on sunny days. I hope they make it through the winter. Other than that, not much has gone on around here. I have been going out to visit with my farmers to come up with a plan for the coming year. They all say they didn’t make any money in 2015, and next year doesn’t look any more favorable unless the commodity prices have an unexpected rally. That doesn’t bode well for the economy in this part of the country.


I have been watching the Trump phenomenon with mild amusement. The funniest part of this is watching the talking heads on the news shows react with absolute bewilderment trying to explain his poll numbers. The Washington elite are so out of touch with the rest of America it is unbelievable. There is only one way to explain it. Good, honest, hard-working tax payers are sick and tired of the absolute cesspool  that is our government. There are many, many people in the heartland of this country that have given up on voting because they think politicians are all the same. I can certainly agree with that sentiment. Well, here is someone different, and if he is elected, he might just go to Washington and blow the whole system apart. That is probably the only way to change anything. Will all of those disenfranchised voters come out and actually vote? That is the big question. And if Trump is elected, will he actually do anything productive or just sit back and take the bribes from the establishment and become just as rotten as the rest of them? We will have to just wait and see. Keep prepping everyone!


Government Bureaucracy

12 Apr

I went to the homestead Sunday and put out a bird feeder. I hung it on this metal shepherds hook with the deer images on top. I also hung a hummingbird feeder on the opposite side.



I also got out the lawn mower and mowed a good bit by the road and around the barn. Our neighbor came over and said the place is starting to look homey around there. I told him it would really look good once construction started. Today I went to get some water service and I ran into the government bureaucracy. First I went to the office where I pay my water bill and inquired about finding the old meter and hooking up the service at the homestead. She told me “we don’t do that here, you will have to go across town to public works and talk to them.” Then after they find the old meter, you need to get the serial number off of the meter and come back here. You also need a tax receipt to prove you own the property, as well as your drivers license and Social Security Card. ( I don’t need a picture I.D. to vote so why do I need one now? Well that’s for another post.) I said OK I can give you my SS number but I don’t even know if I actually have a copy of my card anymore. I don’t carry it around, I don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. She said “well, I have to see the actual card, you’ll just have to go get another from the SS office. And you will need to put down a deposit on the new property.” Now I am starting to get steamed. I asked her if she could look up my account and she would see I have been paying that account for 15 years and have never been late on a payment, not even once. She said it didn’t matter, she would still need a deposit. Again I asked if she could see the account on her computer screen and she said yes. I said then you already have my account information including my SS number. She replied she would still need to see my actual card, it was just policy. By then, I could feel my blood pressure rising to the top of my skull. So for the good of all involved I just left and went to public works to get the meter located. Then the woman at Public Works said “we don’t do that. you need to call 811 on your phone. That is TN Utility Location Service. They will come out and locate all of you utilities for you.” So now, after they come out and if they find the old meter I get to go through all of this again. Sweet Thing said to let her handle it, she was better at dealing with people. Good Luck!