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16 Jun

These birds are called Killdeer or Kildees. I have posted about these birds before, but I had another close encounter today.


I saw the mama fly off of this nest, if you look closely, you can see 4 eggs in the nest.


I stopped right beside the nest and she flew off about 10 feet and flapped and squawked and gave me the old broken wing routine.


When she realized I wasn’t leaving, she came back to the nest and flapped her wings and shrieked at me to drive me away. What marvelous maternal instincts these birds have!


Bird Eggs

30 Apr

As I was checking my fields, I flushed up lots of birds as I was riding through.


I see lots of these nests, these are the Kildeers I posted about previously.


These are Mourning Dove eggs. The parents get up and fly a little ways then give me the old broken wing routine.


I don’t know what this nest holds, I didn’t see the adult fly away. Isn’t the egg a lovely shade of blue? I wonder if that is eggshell blue? It should be in my opinion. And look how nice and comfy and perfectly shaped that nest is. If I was sitting at my workbench with a pile of straw, a bottle of Elmers glue, and a steel ball to use for a mold I don’t think I could make a nest that nice.