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Homestead Update

6 Dec


The crew finished my barn addition this week! I am looking forward to pulling some of my junk important accessories out of my main workshop and storing them in the new addition so I will have some room to work on some projects this winter.


This is the additional 10 feet of concrete floor I had installed. I will put up an outer wall and insulate it so the wash room will be warm and toasty in the winter. I might put in another door closer to the side wall to make the washroom smaller so it will be easier to heat, I’ll have to do some figuring on that before I get to work.


I did get around to trying the Augasons Farm long-term survival food. We tried the instant potato soup mix and it was about as expected but it had a strong onion flavor. Now, I like onion so it was not a problem, but it was just unexpected. We did decide it was too thick when prepared according to the directions, so we doubled the water and it was just right. We added some leftover English peas and it made a fine soup. You could mix this up and add all sorts of other ingredients and make different types of soups to have some variety with it. You could also pour it over rice, or pour it over chicken and bake it in a casserole dish for a hearty main course. We are not going to open any of the other packages, we are going to save them for when SHTF, but when it happens we will be prepared. Will you? Keep prepping everyone!


Homestead Update

29 Nov

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day. I spent a few days with my family and it was time well spent as always. I haven’t done a lot around the homestead, I have two close family members who are in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation centers, so I have been going back and forth with them. But I do have a few projects going, specifically, a new addition to my barn!


I am putting an addition onto the existing structure. The crew is behind schedule, they decided the rafters were too high to put up per their usual method, they had to rent a Skylift to work the rafters. Due to the slope of the ground, the bottom of the end rafter is 14 feet off of the ground and the workers weren’t comfortable working that high.



They are attaching the new framing to the old structure, and when the new sheets of steel go up all the cutouts will be hidden and covered up.


When the workers started on the construction, I had to remove the old hoop style enclosure for the cat run, so the cats have been penned up inside the man cave for the past few days and they definitely were not happy. The first thing I did today is to make a new enclosure so they could come back outside. The enclosure is held against the wall with two big deck screws so when the crew gets ready to pour the concrete in this area, I can easily move the enclosure without tearing it down. Oreo and Kensey were definitely happy to be back outside!


The new addition is an additional 40 feet in length. The first ten feet next to the existing shop will be enclosed and will have a concrete floor. I roughed in the plumbing for a wash room by myself and I hope I did it right, it was sort of a rush job. The other 30 feet of addition will be enclosed on three sides with one side open so I can drive equipment underneath to be out of the weather. I will build some shelves and racks in the back to store things out of the weather and still have room for my mowers and tractor. How long do you think it will be before the new structure is full of stuff and I am wanting more room? Not too long I bet! I will have more tomorrow, keep prepping everyone!

Bird Houses

17 Mar

I saw this bird house at the welcome center near us and it got me to thinking about building some bird houses for the homestead.


I have lots of potential places to place bird houses. I have deep wooded areas,  open wooded edges, and open fence lines which would attract entirely different types of birds. While the men were putting up our barn I told them not to clean up and throw away anything. I told them to just leave it and I would clean it up. They left some 2X4’s and big pieces of metal siding I can use to construct some bird houses, so I will be utilizing the scraps and remnants of the project. Once again I’m going green, recycling, and saving the planet. Good for me!

Hay Barns

14 Mar

I was thinking dreaming about building some more barns and sheds on our homestead someday. I plan on building them myself instead of hiring them built as I plan on having more time for my fun projects. I was looking  at some of my pictures of old wooden barns.



old barn


Most of these old wooden barns are rapidly disappearing. Every old homestead had a barn for storing hay and feed for the animals, as well as shelter for the animals during bad weather. They also stored their tools and equipment in the barn.


Now days, the barns being built are the new metal roof and side style barns like the one I had built or like the one pictured above. They are sturdy and long-lasting, but they just don’t have the character of the old barns. I think I might see if I can find an old barn in disrepair and see if I can tear it down in exchange for keeping the lumber. Then I could use the lumber to build a barn on our homestead with some character. Stay safe!

Barn Construction

23 Nov

Sweet Thing and I started to work on the interior walls of the barn. This is what we started with, 6X6 posts set on 10 foot centers.


The white you see is some kind of 1 inch thick space age insulating wrap. I don’t know what the R factor is, but I know I want to add more.


So first we framed up the interior walls.


Then we added some 6 inch thick R-19 insulation all the way up to the ceiling height, which is 9 feet.


Then we placed a 4X8 sheet of OSB for the bottom and a 4X8 sheet of pegboard for the upper wall. We are going to do this all the way around all 4 walls so that should give me a lot of space to hang things. As it is now, I have lots of stuff in my current shed but I can’t see it so I can’t put my hands right on it. It aggravates me to know I have something but I can’t find it so I have to go out and buy another one. Grrrrrr! If you hang it up on the peg board you can see what you have and can put your hand on it, it’s almost like being in the store but you don’t have to pay for it this time!


I paid particularly close attention to detail in the corners, making sure they were braced straight and strong. Some people slack on this detail and the corners buckle in because they don’t have enough support. Sweet Thing said I would have to paint that OSB with white paint right away so it would be nice and pretty. I can’t worry about that now, I have construction to do so stand back and let me get at it!

Barn Construction….Finished!

2 Nov

Well it is finished at last.  (at least on the outside) We had to wait until today to get the roll-up door installed, the standard color is white and I didn’t like how it looked. I special ordered the door in a grey color to match the rest of the panels, and I like it much better.  Now I can start moving some of my junk treasures inside. As I get time, I will build some interior walls and do some electrical wiring.

Stanley Chipper Shredder Pt. 2

30 Oct


We went to the homestead and used the Stanley Chipper Shredder today. After the second time of using it I still am happy with it. It started a lot easier today since it has been run a while. It did not use any oil after running 4 hours last week and 4 hours this week. I think I might have to sharpen the blades now. The directions said chipping hard dried wood would dull the blades faster than soft green wood and that makes sense. We chipped a good bit of dried limbs with it. I’ll let you know how the sharpening and blade replacement goes.

I made a video of Sweet Thing using the shredder. It is so easy even a girl can do it! Git it Baby!

The barn crew came back and worked on the sixth day of construction.


They have both sides up as well as the front. The windows are in place as well as both walk-out doors. I hope they get to finish the back and roof by Tuesday!