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Homestead Update

14 Jun

I’m going to make this post short and sweet just to let everyone know we are still here. I’ve had two nice sunny, dry work weeks where I put in 70 hours each week so I didn’t do much around here except the usual mundane tasks like mowing and picking up limbs. I did manage to take several pictures of interesting things that happened the last two weeks and I will save them and post them as soon as it rains and slows my work down a little.


I pulled into a farmer’s shop and these two adorable mutts came out to greet me. I started to bring them home with me!


I turned on the Air Conditioner in my man-cave and wouldn’t you know it, my cats still prefer to lounge around outside in the heat!


Most of the trees and berry vines I planted in the orchard last year are doing well, although I did have a few casualties. I picked the first blueberries of the season and ate them straight off of the vine.


I took off early enough one evening to attend a get-together dinner for my SILs birthday and we ate at a restaurant I have not been to before. I had the blackened grilled oysters as an appetizer and they were delicious! I am going to visit that restaurant again!


Outside the door, they had this old shipping pallet painted to resemble a flag. I have noticed some of these as I drive around on my daily routes so I guess that is the newest fad. That is a nice use of some old junk I guess, good thinking! More to come as I get more time, keep prepping everyone!


Ornamental Plants And Bottle Trees

12 Sep


Last week I was at the West Tennessee Agricultural Research Station to tour the cotton test plots for 2014. At one of the stops on the tour, the young man pictured above is presenting the information about this plot. This young man worked for me during four Summers while he obtained his BS degree in Agriculture. He has since gone on and obtained his Masters Degree in Ag and is now working towards his PhD in Agriculture. He must have learned a lot working for me! Who knows, someday he may have a high-up job with some big Ag Company and he might give me a job and I could be working for him the next time around. It goes to show the old adage in life has a lot of truth to it, “To get far in life, it’s not what you know, but who you know.” While I was there, I saw some interesting ornamental plants around the campus buildings on the station and I brought Sweet Thing back on Saturday so she could see them as well.


Last year, there was a lot of metal objects such as these old disc blades used for decorations. The primary objects  used last year were old bicycles and they had them placed strategically all throughout the displays. I can’t say I was too impressed with the way they looked.


When you first enter, there is a big wall of hanging bottles greeting you. This year the decorating theme is bottles.


This is a metal sculpture representing a caterpillar.


There were strings of bottles hanging in the trees.


There were objects created with small beer bottles.




They also had the usual bottle trees.


If you look closely, you can see strings of colored pill bottles hanging from the trees. Those are actually clear hobby bottles filled with colored water to create the desired effect.


They added metal wings to some of the bottles to make them resemble insects. I actually kind of liked those, but they look way too time consuming to make! This post is getting a little long and picture heavy so I will save the plant pictures until tomorrow.

Cardboard Paper Rolls

2 Sep

The County Fair is coming up and sweet Thing is helping our young Neice make some projects to enter in the Fair.


They took some cardboard tubes from the inside of rolls of paper towels and made a robot to paint and decorate.


Next they made a long skinny pig. They are always coming up with cute little projects to make. She will take some pictures of the finished projects displayed at the Fair. Keep prepping everyone!

Antiques And Collectables

27 Jul


My Sister-In-Law gave me this sign to hang in my barn. It is made from recycled metal parts to spell out TRACTOR. It is made from old tools, hardware, a horseshoe, a hinge, a gear and a pet comb. The US ships boatloads of scrap metal to China to be melted down to make steel for their booming infrastructure, but some enterprising entrepreneur intercepted these pieces before they were melted to make this sign and sell the scrap right back to us! Why can’t I think up stuff like that?

Simple Summer Dresses

10 Jul

We have a 6 year old niece who is very particular about what she wears. If she finds something she likes she pitches a fit to wear it everyday. (Her Mom lets her pitch a fit, I would whip her little hiney and put a stop to that but that’s just me. I’m old fashioned I guess.) Anyway, Sweet Thing made her a little dress and she loved it so she made some more.


Our niece picked out some shirts she liked and Sweet Thing found matching colored skirts and sewed them together to make a one piece summer dress. Very simple and inexpensive to make and our niece loves them and has several to pick from so she doesn’t have to pitch a fit when she gets dressed.

Antiques and Collectable; African-American Memorabilia

7 Jul


I have this nice looking piece of Negro Memorabilia, but I am almost positive this is a reproduction, mainly because I only paid $5 for it. If it was authentic it would probably be $200.


A piece like this would be mounted on a wall next to a woodstove or fireplace and matches would be kept in the side compartments. Decorative and functional as well.

Cute Cats

18 Jun

It’s been said bloggers can never go wrong with cute cats so here are mine. As I was unpacking my little treasures and what-nots I have collected over the years, I decided to take some pictures and share them with you. I bought a curio cabinet at a second-hand store to display the treasures in my man cave. I spread out a blanket on my desk to use a backdrop for the photos and Oreo decided to help me.


He plopped down right in the middle of the blanket where I was working.



After a while he decided to take a nap. “Hey, how about cutting the lights! Can’t a guy get a little quality nap time around here?”


Then his brother Kensey came in and decided Oreo needed a bath so he started working on his head. I did manage to get a few pictures of my treasures so I will post some of them later.